Upgrade Announcements Easier access to custom exercises

At Trainerize we listen to our what our users want, and we do that by holding ourselves publicly accountable to our user driven product feedback forum. Lately, one of the most commonly requested features has been an easier way to access custom exercises when building workouts.

You asked, we listened. Starting today, trainers can now search for only “Custom Exercises” when building a workout. Navigate to your exercise library and give it a whirl. You’ll find that in the exercise result pane, you can now remove our exercises from showing up with yours.


Other features we’ve pushed out today include:

  • More social sharing options on your Trainerize site. Your site visitors can now share your site in one click to Like, Tweet, or G+1 your site
  • Fixed an issue where the workout name and frequency on the calendar didn’t wrap appropriately for display, if the workout name was too long
  • Public wizard for site visitors explaining how online training works. When potential clients visit your Trainerize site, they can now understand how you as a trainer sell and deliver online training through the wizards we display on your home page

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