A New Era in Trainerize.

Today is big. Really big. Because after months of hard work, collecting user feedback and rebuilding our entire app from the ground up, we finally get to say

Trainerize 6 is here!

This brand new version of Trainerize marks the start of a new era. This is the most powerful version of Trainerize we've ever made, packed with ways to boost client engagement and poised for even more updates and upgrades in the future!

It's got a new look and feel, a new and more stable user experience, and a whole new set of features for you and your clients to fall in love with. Plus, it's built using React Native-Apple's app development platform of choice.


So why did we create Trainerize 6?

It's simple.

Because we want you and your clients to love using Trainerize - whether on an iOS or Android device - and we want you to have everything you need to inspire change, boost motivation, and drive client success.

Take a look at what's new, what's improved, and what's going to help you take your online training to the next level.

The new app has everything:

A slick new look - impress your clients and members with the ultimate user experience and best in class industry design standards

Best in class features - engage your clients with video messages, new achievements, fresh animations, goal tracking, RPE workout ratings, and more

More power under the hood - do things faster and keep clients happy using the app

Welcome to the ultimate app experience.

We've completely reimagined the mobile app with a slick new design, new animations, and tons of new features. It's both powerful and beautiful and we can't wait for you to use it.

We've never looked so good

We've never looked so good.

We've updated the graphics for scheduled workouts and activities and standardized the colors throughout the app.

Meaningfull colors

Client motivation starts here.

Clients can experience a new way to track their daily things to do, progress, and achievements. It's easy to use and packed with information. It gives clients everything they need to know at a glance.

To-do list in app

Goals: set them, track them, crush them.

Tracking progress toward health and fitness goals has never been easier! Clients can now quickly update their progress toward their custom and bodyweight goals from inside the goals tab in the mobile app. Encourage them to update progress daily to help them keep their eyes on the prize and remind them that every bit counts. Learn more about how to use goals with your clients.

Goals: set them, track them, crush them

Turn up the heat on workouts with RPE.

You're not always in the gym with your clients, so the more information you can collect about their workouts, the better! Now clients can let you know how difficult (or easy) a workout was and how they felt while doing it by using the new RPE (rating of perceived exertion) feature! When a rating is submitted, you'll be instantly notified so you can assess your clients' workouts and make adjustments to help them better achieve their goals.

Turn up the heat on workouts

Keep clients winning with achievements and personal bests.

We're extremely excited to announce that new and improved achievements and personal bests (with badges!) are here for workouts and activities. Now you can celebrate all your clients' wins - and they can celebrate them too! How's that for motivation?

Achievements and badges

Max out with new achievements for 1, 3, 5 and 10RM.

Among the new personal best badges, clients can now unlock
achievements for 1RM, 3RM, 5RM, and 10RM! Read on to find out how to make the most of them.

Hit record: inspire clients with video messages.

Video messages are finally here! Use this feature to connect with your clients and offer them a daily dose of motivation, exercise instructions, or to deliver other quick sync-ups.

FYI: Video messages can be up to 60 seconds long, so keep those messages short and sweet-Instagram style! Have more to say? You can always send multiple video messages.

Inspire clients with video messages

Share more. Send files in messages.

You've got a lot of knowledge to share! That's why we've added the ability for both trainers and clients to share files in messages including Word documents and PDFs. Now you can drop wisdom bombs and your clients can share important files with you in a snap.

Fast forward with the new interval timer.

By popular demand, we've introduced a newly designed interval timer that comes with the ability to fast forward and resume a workout. Now, if a client gets interrupted mid-workout, they can quickly pick up right where they left off. Or, if they're unable to complete a specific exercise, they can skip past it then dive back in.

Interval timer

Shine the spotlight on client progress.

We've completely revamped the way we display health and fitness progress. Now both trainers and clients can easily access important stats and get a bird's eye view of a client's progress over time.

Client progress graph

Let the likes come rolling in.

No (wo)man is an island, and no fitness journey is a solo voyage. That's why clients can now share their wins and their achievements on their favorite social networks in a beautiful, fun and simple way. After all, we all get by with a little help from our friends.

Personal best

Let client wins take center stage.

When comparing 2 progress photos, clients and trainers can now also download that comparison to their phone as a single image made for easy sharing.

Trainerize 6 on the web.

You didn't think we forgot about the web version of Trainerize, did you? Just like the mobile experience, the web app also got some big upgrades.

A brand new client dashboard, built to complement the mobile experience:

  • A new way to stay on top of client daily to-do lists, progress, goals, and achievements
  • Measure progress easier with progress tiles that link directly to progress graphs including new exercise graphs for client rep maxes that auto update with a client's exercise activity
  • Move things around faster with drag and drop functionality for calendar items
Trinerize web version updates

Even more ways we've leveled up.

We've simplified, refined, improved, fixed, and corrected lots of tiny features to make the app feel sleek and smooth and to give you and your clients a stable, powerful, and amazing experience.

Trainerize logo on splash screen

Some improvements include:

  • The process for tracking workouts has been streamlined so clients just have to hit start, enter their stats, and save
  • YouTube videos added to the Exercise Library now include link previews
  • An updated timer drop-down in the workout tracker that now includes a list of the 3 most frequently used times
  • Client achievements for bodyweight goals are shared to groups (without the target weight included)
  • The ability to reply to comments and view video messages from the web app, plus new notifications when clients hit their goals.
  • The ability to open a client's profile from inside of a private message thread by tapping on the "..." button
  • New tooltips added throughout the app to guide new trainers/clients on how to use the workout builder, calendar, workout tracker, and graphs.
  • No need to give clients permission to schedule their own workouts, now all clients can always add more workouts, cardio activities, and check-ins.

Of course, all of these upgrades and additions were made possible because of you and your constant support and feedback. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas with us - we use them to push our limits and make Trainerize better every single day.

We hope you'll love using it as much as we've enjoyed working on it!

Now, who's ready to take
Trainerize 6 for a spin?