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introduction to trainerize

Trainerize Overview Video

Overview of Trainerize

A quick walk through of Trainerize where we discuss how to monetize and build your new online plans, or how to combine it with in-person sessions. We'll also inform you what a client sees on their end when using our mobile app.

Pricing models of online and combination training
Moving to subscription training
Benefits of using Trainerize
What a client sees

train clients online

Trainerize Training Clients Features video

Setup the basics and add a client

John will start by walking you through setting up a basic Trainerize account. He’ll show you how to create your profile and add your first client. You’ll also learn how to create workout templates and a training plan with a few workouts that you can send to your client right away.

Setup your profile
Add a client
Create a workout template
Create a training plan with workouts
Send workouts to your client

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Trainerize Training Clients Features video

Manage and track your clients

In this video, John goes more in-depth and shows you how to manage your clients' workout calendars and track their progress. He'll explain different ways of tracking workouts and how to monitor all client progress. John will give you a full tour both online and on the mobile app. Ready? Let's learn.

Scheduling workouts in the calendar
"Check in" vs. "Track Stats"
Monitor clients' progress
Track clients on the mobile app

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market your fitness business

Trainerize Marketing Features video

Extend your business

Now that you’re all up and running, it’s time to explore even more ways in which you can grow your online training business. John will teach you how to customize the auto-consultation form to get the right information about your clients. You'll also learn how to activate add-ons such as PayPal, Mindbody, Withings or your own Social Media accounts. Check it out!

Activate add-ons
Customize the client consultation form
Add a PayPal button to your Trainerize website

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Trainerize Marketing Features video

Add your branding

In this video, John will focus on branding and show you how to add the final touches to your Trainerize website. You'll learn how to customize the site with your own logo, images and pages. You'll also get a tour on how to connect a custom domain to your Trainerize account. Branding is key in how clients perceive you, click and learn how to make a great impression.

Create pages on your website
Add company branding and logo
Connect a custom domain
Edit website text and images

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