Garage Gym is Thriving After Adopting a Hybrid Fitness Model

Garage Gym is a great example of a business that has adjusted rapidly to the changes in the fitness industry brought on in 2020 by expanding their business model online with the help of ABC Trainerize!

It was their members who were top of mind for Garage Gym’s trainers when the pandemic hit and stay-at-home orders were issued. They were forced to adapt! After realizing that their old software program did not have the functions to support their 280+ online members, Casey and his fellow trainers quickly decided to make the switch to ABC Trainerize, after hearing positive feedback from other trainers.

“We had a two-week window to switch everything over and get up and running. Luckily, with our old app we had started creating a lot of content and videos through YouTube, so we uploaded everything into ABC Trainerize, and from there we began building the programs for this 30-day challenge we wanted to issue to engage all of our members from home..”

Adopting a hybrid model like Garage Gym did provides value for clients, and is a good way to differentiate your business from competitors, but it also helps pandemic-proof a fitness business by providing flexibility.

“No one knows what’s going to happen next,” says Casey. “If you haven’t established this base, you’re starting from scratch, and all these other progressive companies are going to have their online platforms ready to go. ABC Trainerize helped us build our resiliency, so that whatever happens next, we’re ready to go without skipping a beat.”

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