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K.I.S.S.: We all know what this stands for, right? Keep It Simple, Stupid.

4 Ways to Sell More Online Training Packages in 2017

If you are looking to sell more online training packages in 2017, there are a few things you want to do in order to optimize sales.

Improved marketing is one, and providing amazing service to those clients you do have so they tell their friends or social media followers (and create word of mouth), and also creating affordable (but still profitable) programs and subscriptions that potential clients just can’t turn down.

Take a look at your current program offerings–do you have many different options that could get confusing, is your website visually appealing and easy to read?

Below I will break down 4 tips you can use to simplify and optimize the “Program Options” page of your online training website.

1. Don’t Make Them Read Too Much

People are busy these days and don’t necessarily have the desire or time to read long lists of what each program might offer. By keeping program offers very simplified and laid out on your website in a way that is very “to the point” and easy to read it will cause less confusion, less questions to your email inbox prior to sign up, and probably will get people to sign up more quickly from your site.

2. Use Infographics

Using a picture or infographic with all that is included in each program offer, including the cost. And a “sign up now” button will be most effective, as compared to a bulleted long list.

3. Use an Intro Video

Try filming a short video where you introduce yourself and quickly going over what each of your programs offer and how they differ. Research has shown that people would much rather watch a video than read information on a website. Think about the most common questions that people might have before signing up and try to answer them in your video. This video will not only make potential clients feel more connected to you, but might also help sway them to sign up because of it.

4. Try to Limit to No More Than 3 Different Program Offers

The more options, the more time it will take someone to make the decision whether or not to purchase your training. Potential clients might be overwhelmed by too many options and not know which program might be best for them. Stick to offering 1, 2, or 3 different program levels and make sure it is obvious what the difference between all of the programs are. This will also cause less confusion and questions to your email inbox prior to signing up.

If you are having trouble gaining new online training clients and want to change this in 2017, perhaps you should take a look at your program offers. Take a look at how they are visually laid out on your website, what each program entails, and your pricing structure. Ask friends, family, and current clients for feedback on your programs and the visual appeal of your website to see how you can improve and sell more in 2017. My last tip would be to get your graphics, infographics, video, and even possibly website design done by a professional (try outsourcing websites) in order to be sure your website is visually appealing and laid out well.

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