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Trusted by industry-leading fitness clubs and chains to digitize their member experience.

Transform the way you deliver training and elevate the member experience.

Introduce mobile fitness technology across your entire business and transform the way you deliver in-person training, small group training, classes and the overall experience for general members.

Small Group Personal Training.

Large Group Training and Classes.

General Member Solutions.

Designed for Large Fitness Chains and Franchises.

  • Monitor key business metrics from an enterprise level control panel with omni-view tracking and reporting
  • Deliver personalized member experiences on a mass scale
  • Standardize and distribute programming across enterprise locations
  • Offer your members a custom workout app, branded for your business
  • Measure members compliance and training team performance
  • Go paperless with digital client profiles and account details securely stored in the cloud
trainerize enterprise solutions for large fitness clubs and chains, celebrity and athletes

Level up your stack.

Bring your technology together without breaking a sweat.

Integrate with Ease

Complex doesn't mean complicated. Connect Trainerize to the tools and technology you already use for business management, payroll, payments, and more.

Access Powerful APIs

Do more. Extend your functionality via our full suite of APIs and webhooks.

Extend Your Reach

Get access to the world's most powerful apps and wearables including MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, and Withings and leverage their popularity among your own clients and members.

Customize and control.

This isn't a cookie-cutter solution. With unlimited ways to customize, you have complete control over every aspect of your business and the platform you use to power it.

A mobile app driving member engagement.

Take your training mobile and connect with your members anytime, anywhere.

Built for your brand
Custom training and nutrition plans
Paperless collaboration
Quick-access client schedules
Messaging and engagement
Mobile V6 app driving member engagement

Drive the metrics that matter most to your business.

With Trainerize Enterprise and its mobile technology, you can boost member engagement and drive the metrics that matter most to your business, across your locations, lines of business, and audiences.

Members using Trainerize
work out an average of
3x / week.

The average customer
lifetime value (CLV)
across all members
increases by up to 28%.

Clubs see up to a 4x
increase in the number
of clients per trainer.

Lifetime image

Discover how LIFE TIME is engaging their members with group challenges, 30-day programs, virtual personal training and continuous support through their online workout app powered by Trainerize.

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