Business growth Another great benefit to Online Training – impress your in-person clients too!

Even though online training is a great additional revenue stream, that might not be the main focus of your personal training business right now.  For those of you don’t plan on expanding your training business to online clientele around the world, Trainerize is still a great tool for any personal trainer actively training clients.  Not only will using Trainerize make your life as a trainer much easier, it will also help with impressing your clients by being able to pull up their independent workouts anywhere with ease.

Here are 3 Ways to Impress your Personal Training Clients with Trainerize:

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1. Say goodbye to handwritten or hand typed programs

Before using Trainerize I used to have to type out or hand write out all of my client programs, which took a lot of my free time.  I even used to draw out stick people, search for YouTube video links displaying proper form, or write out lengthy descriptions on how to perform exericses.  If you are a busy trainer you do not have time for this!

2. Clients Love the Easy to Use App 

Part of keeping clients in your business (on top of helping them reach their goals) is adding what I call the “wow” factor.  This is something that you do or your business offers that will keep your clients happy and give them something to brag or chat about with their friends and family.  Each one of my clients I have set up with my Trainerize website comments on how easy it is to use and how cool it is that they can view the videos of exercises as well as track their weights and progress through their smartphone.

3. Hold them more accountable to their independent workouts

One of the main reasons why someone would hire a personal trainer is to have someone not only guiding them in the right direction but also holding them accountable for their fitness goals.  Using Trainerize to prescribe your client’s their independent workouts for the days they are not training with you is a great way to make sure they actually do their own workouts! I tell my clients I am setting up their workouts and that I get email updates when they miss their workouts; with them knowing I will know instantly if they miss a workout makes them think a little longer before they ditch the gym for drinks with friends.

Their are many other great benefits to using Trainerize in your personal training business but I found these were the top 3 to share with you.

Remember…. “work smart not hard”

Michelle Roots

Michelle is the resident fitness expert for Trainerize. She has 8 years’ experience in the fitness industry training clients through her own business including: professional and elite level athletes, celebrities, online clients, and average people with fitness and fat loss goals, to name a few. She holds a bachelor's degree in Kinesiology, is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA) and a certified level 1 Nutrition Coach. Michelle wakes up happy every day because she is able to do what she loves for a living.

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