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Revolution Fitness is a Fitness studio in Dublin, Ireland. Their mission is to make exercise enjoyable and something people look forward to by building a community of like-minded individuals focused on the common goal of “look, feel and perform better”.

They take pride in their ability to improve their clients’ quality of life by providing the absolute best training possible, as well as top-class nutritional guidance.

⚡ Since teaming up with ABC Trainerize, Revolution Fitness has been able to adopt a hybrid training model. This means their clients can get the quality experience they’ve come to expect from Revolution no matter where they might be. ⚡ 

“Our main offering is in person, but since we’ve brought Trainerize onboard it’s allowed us to expand into hybrid and remote offerings as well”.

– Luke Curran, Gym Manager
   Revolution Fitness 

Luke and his team recognise that each and every person’s fitness and health goals are unique to them. A one-size fits all approach is not the best way to help their community reach their goals. Using ABC Trainerize, the Revolution Fitness team has been able to take personalized training to the next level.

Using our programming and exercise library, Luke’s team has been able to structure their sessions more effectively. “It allows us to individualise programs for people who need them, whether that’s working around injuries or limitations”.

And it’s not just the clients who are benefitting from Revolution Fitness’ decision to team up with ABC Trainerize. Life has become more streamlined for trainers too!

“The coaches really enjoy having the structure of Trainerize in place. It makes their lives easier for filling out programs for clients. It makes life easier for communicating with clients and it makes it easier to individualise the experience and the services based off clients’ needs”.

To learn more about Revolution Fitness, and how teaming up with ABC Trainerize has helped them digitize their business, check out our case study below! 

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