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Fixing Bugs Is Our Love Language

Over the years, we’ve embraced a lot of change. We’ve evolved from a small platform for personal trainers and joined a powerful ecosystem that enables ABC Fitness to support the growth of fitness businesses of all sizes. ✨ We’ve rolled out a roadmap that helps not just personal trainers but also supports the broader needs of modern holistic coaching, incorporating nutrition, habits, payments, integrations, and more. But through it all, one thing hasn’t changed: how much our customers mean to us.

That’s why we’re launching our customer love campaign: Love, ABC Trainerize. Aimed at reminding and most importantly, showing all our coaches, exactly how we love our customers. 

Genuine customer love through small acts of (bug) fixes

We believe that genuine customer love is found in the finer details. While launching new features is crucial, we understand that it’s the small acts of kindness that truly make a lasting impact.  

In everyday life, these acts might entail taking out the trash or returning items to their rightful places. Here at ABC Trainerize, it manifests as meticulously addressing minor bugs, ensuring both you and your clients enjoy a seamless experience. We believe that’s how we continue to build trust and loyalty in our community. 

A look into our bug fix and feature improvement process  

Sometimes, pesky bugs accidentally make their way into our app and that causes frustration for our customers. That’s why, we’ve built a system for catching and fixing bugs on an ongoing basis – in fact, bugs get fixed every week with every sprint. Here’s how we do it:  

  1. Identifying bugs through listening: First, we begin by listening intently to our customers daily. We gather invaluable insights from diverse channels like support tickets, direct conversations, social media, and feedback surveys – using your voice to guide our bug fix prioritization.  
  1. Prioritizing and fixing our backlog of bugs: Once we identify what we want to improve, they go into our backlog where all our little bugs live temporarily. Our quality assurance, technical support, and product teams then work together to prioritize bug fixes for an upcoming sprint and engineer solutions that improve your overall experience. 
  1. Updating you on what got fixed: As we roll out these enhancements, our marketing team ensures you’re kept in the loop through campaigns like this one, our monthly feature roundup, and our updates page.  

In essence, our feature improvements are not just about adding new capabilities; they’re about showing love through every small fix and feature, echoing our belief that it’s the finer details that truly cultivate trust and loyalty. 

The Heartbeat of Progress: Fine-Tuning with Care 

Here are some of the in-app quality-of-life improvements and customer experience upgrades we launched earlier this year that demonstrate how we care for you.  

Interval Workout Custom Exercise Videos Now auto-plays and loop 


Your custom exercise videos will start playing right when your clients go through their interval workout and will loop for the duration of the interval exercise. Your clients will love this new seamless experience!  

Improved Barcode Scanning With Guide Box, Flashlight Feature, and Custom Food Entires 

Scanning barcodes to track foods is easier than ever with a new square to guide clients on where the barcode should be targeted plus, they can now turn on flash for better visibility. If the food isn’t displayed, clients can now also directly add their custom food.






Clients’ Nutrition Goals accurately sync when using different meal tracking sources

Clients can now switch between meal tracking sources and their nutrition goal will continue to properly sync – resulting in a more accurate tracking and compliance experience!

Quickly Switch Between Dates to view Clients’ daily nutrition data

            Screenshot of nutrition compliance in-app

Viewing your client’s daily nutrition data just got faster. Scroll and filter by days within the review panel for a more efficient experience—no more clicking in and out!

Easily Import Workouts Within Master Program Calendars

Screenshot of master program calendar in-app

You can now import workouts from your master programs, master workout library, and client programs into your calendar without any restrictions and easily program for clients.

Effortlessly Move Activities Between Training Phases on the Calendar

Screenshot of calendar in-app

Say goodbye to recreating workouts, body stats, and more for new phases, and instead simply transition activities between training phases.

Coming Soon!  

That’s not all, we have some additional fixes and feature upgrades coming that the team has already been working on these past few weeks.

  • Improving the Apple Health Weight Sync issues
  • Working on a few voice messages bugs related to multiple voice messages and threads not updating
  • Allow adding multiple participants to a Challenge with ease, using a variety of filters like tags and groups

Stay tuned for more, we can’t wait to share these upcoming updates!

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