How to Set up and Grow Your Online Personal Training Business 2. Creative Ways to Grow Your Online Fitness Business

Creative Ways to Grow Your Online Fitness Business

If you’re looking to grow your online fitness business, we’ve got some good news. A little creativity can get you a long way! Take advantage of these 5 creative growth tips, straight from our training experts.

Ask Current Clients for Testimonials

Use your current clients, both the online and the in-person ones, to promote your business. Most clients are happy to write a little testimonial if you have helped them meet a weight loss or fitness goal.

You could create a personalized social media message for them to send out, share before and after pictures or positive testimonials. It’s very likely these will catch the attention of other people and this could turn into more sales for you!

Consistently Track and Measure Client Success

Knowing they’d have to report to you on a regular basis will help motivate clients to get workouts done. That is half of why they are paying you for, someone to hold them accountable – so make sure you that you do!

For online clients, you could create a video of yourself taking clients through how to measure themselves correctly. In addition to this, clients can upload pictures and put in their measurements in ABC Trainerize, so make sure you track that! Remember, congratulating them for each checkpoint is a great motivation.

Create Exclusive Videos Just for Your Clients

It’s always good to make your clients feel special!

If you have yet to create your own videos when training clients online, through your ABC Trainerize site/custom branded app, this is something you should consider as a way to set yourself apart from the competition. Making your own videos brings more of a personal vibe to your online training programs and allows your clients to feel closer to you.

Use Fitness Challenges to Keep Clients Engaged

Keeping your online personal training clients motivated is not easy. Challenges are a great way of giving your online clients that extra push.

You could consider running an exercise challenge, such as offer some kind of incentive if clients take a video of themselves performing a set of harder exercises or within a specific time. Food challenges can also get your clients more engaged. Get them to track their food intake for a month or challenge them to create one new healthy recipe each week and send you pictures.

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Keep Your Business Organized

Managing a business can get overwhelming sometimes, so do your best to always be organized.

Creating a system for dealing with new clients, assessments, pre-typed messages. This will keep your business running smoothly. Another thing you can do is to consider signing up for an email server where you can upload all of your online training email addresses and make your life much easier! Use it to create auto responders or schedule emails and announcements.

Finally, use reminders to stay in-sync with your clients. ABC Trainerize will remind you when a client’s program is ending and they are “needing attention”, so you can always stay on top of things.

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