Business Growth Beach Body Workout – How To Make More Money Before Summer Hits

We all know the same old story, the two busiest times of year for gyms and personal trainers are January, and right before summer season hits. I wrote back in late 2015 about how to make the most of these times when people are searching for weight loss techniques, new workouts, a gym close by that will help them reach their goals, or a new “diet plan” that will help them drop weight. Those are the potential clients we want to reach with our online training, but how do we get their attention?

Beach Body Workout - How To Make More Money Before Summer Hits

Why not create a special “Beach Body” workout program?

Use phrases like “get a flat stomach fast!” “drop inches and get a toned bikini body,” etc. These are the things that are going to attract potential clients, and not only get them to head to your website for more information, but to actually make the purchase.

  • Make your Beach Body workout plan a 6 or 8 week program.
  • Create your own workout videos and detailed instructions for each video.
  • Create your own meal plan (or use a meal plan created by a certified nutritionist if you are not certified yourself).
  • Create a few motivational videos of you speaking to your program members to keep them motivated throughout the program. Send these out every so often.

Once this is all done and created, all you have to do is sell! sell! sell! It’s easy to create your own videos for exercises–you don’t need a professional camera crew; just your iPhone! Read all about it in my post here.

Some people don’t really understand how to use Trainerize or what it is all about, so make sure when marketing your “6 Week Beach Body” program, you show examples of your workout videos, pictures or videos of how easy it is to use the app, add in testimonials from past or current online training clients, and of course, before-and-after pictures! When people hire a trainer, it is mostly because of the actual trainer, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there with videos of you talking directly to the consumer.

If people feel they can relate to you, that you are a real person, they are more likely to buy your program. This is where social media can be so beneficial!

Sometimes, you can spend time creating the most amazing “Beach Body Program,” but then no one buys it. Don’t be that person. Create an amazing program. If you aren’t savvy with online or social media marketing, outsource the work to have someone help you. Another great idea is to put an advertisement out in your local area to trade services with a local marketing expert (e.g. FREE online training traded for online marketing help!).


Don’t let this summer pass by without boosting your online training sales!

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