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Promoting your fitness coaching services on social may come easy.

You know, workout posts and how-to videos—I bet you’re great at creating valuable content for your followers on social media there.

But what about showcasing your expertise as a nutrition coach on social media?

This is a perfect opportunity to capitalize on your nutrition coaching practices as well as how you utilize your methods in your own day-to-day lifestyle. Check out my three key tips on how to promote your nutrition coaching on social media! I’ll share how to stand out from your competitors, show your audience what you know, and how to convert them into high-paying clients.

🥬 Tip 1: “What I Eat” posts, Stories, and videos

I know personally my friends, my followers, and my clients always ask me what I eat in a day. Why not show them? Your clients and followers want to know what your nutritional habits are and most likely want to mirror them for their own results. Take this as an opportunity to create valuable content just by showing them your own foods.

ON MY FEED: I share “Did You Know?” posts where I debunk common food myths and help people understand what foods are healthy and why! SEE POST

🥦 Tip 2: Share your “Meal Prep” methods

This one is easy! You’re already prepping your foods for the day or week…so go ahead and share this process on your social media! Show them the step-by-step so they’re more inclined to reach out to you to learn from a pro.

The more you can show them of your healthy lifestyle the more they will want to follow your plan and make it their own. One of my favorite things to do is to show my followers my fridge and talk about how I prep and pack my foods for easy grab-and-go meals.

ON MY FEED: I love to eat Bento Boxes for lunch, so I shared a little “How-To” post to easily guide my followers to create their own. SEE POST

🥑 Tip 3: Give a “Virtual Tour”

Bring your followers inside your Trainerize nutrition coaching platform. In addition to showcasing your expertise by posting about your daily food intake, why not take the extra step and give a glimpse into your actual nutrition coaching platform? This will give your clients the “insider’s view” they need to take the next step and sign up with you as their coach.

Take screen shots of your nutrition coaching offerings and share by creating Stories, posts, and/or Reels to give your prospects the perspective of being inside your app. This is such an effective method to give what I call a “virtual tour” of the ins and out of how your nutrition coaching really works.

⚡️Pro Tip: Take a screen recording of your nutrition tracking methods and show them what they will see as a client.

ON MY FEED: I recently shared a This & That video where I shaw that eating mindfully doesn’t mean eating perfectly all the time! This gives a peek into my food mentality and puts people at ease with working with me! WATCH HERE

Use these tips above and get creative in your own methods of sharing your specific practices of nutrition coaching within your Trainerize app for the world to see!

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