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Introducing Trainerize Pay: Take Clients from “Ready to Buy” to “Ready to Train” in Seconds

There’s a moment—a key moment—in a client’s fitness journey that happens right at the very start. It appears in an instant, and is gone in a flash, but it can mean the difference between a potential client and a training client.

We’re talking, of course, about the moment when a client purchases online personal training services.

It can be a huge battle for a person looking to get fit to get to that point, but by the time they’re ready to make the leap, the client’s motivation and excitement is at an all-time high.

They’re ready to make a change. They’re committing to a healthy lifestyle.

But what happens after they click the buy button?

If you’re using a traditional delivery model for your personal training, the answer is probably: not much. The typical experience involves the client waiting until you or someone on your team manually initiates the process of setting up their Training Program and/or nutrition plan, and that waiting period can be deadly to a client’s motivation and excitement.

We understand that it isn’t possible for fitness professionals to be on standby at all times, waiting at the ready to pounce on new purchases and initiate the set-up process. You’ve got people to train and lives to change!

Don’t leave your clients hanging. Use Trainerize Pay.

This is where Trainerize Pay comes in and changes the game.

After months of testing and optimizing (Trainerize Pay has been in BETA for the past 10 months!!!), we are finally ready to share Trainerize Pay with the world. And we didn’t just build a payments processing solution as anticipated.

We wanted to give you and your clients something more—something bigger! We wanted to give you the most seamless experience possible when it comes to selling online training. How did we do it? With built-in automation.

Trainerize Pay is the best way to deliver training to your clients’ phones the moment they buy and automate the entire process.

Discover the Magic of Automation

To use Trainerize Pay and its so-good-you’ll-think-it’s-magic automation, all you need to do is build awesome Training Programs (like you already do), turn them into digital Products, and apply some simple automation options (check out this video to learn how). Trainerize takes care of the rest.

When a client makes a purchase (or on their Program start date, depending on which you prefer), a series of actions are triggered:

  • The client’s profile is instantly created, with all personal details and payment information included
  • The Program of your choice is delivered to the client’s account with the scheduled start date of your choosing
  • The client is contacted with instructions to download the Trainerize Fitness App (or your Custom App if you have one)
  • The client is assigned to the trainer and added to the groups of your choosing

If you’re feeling extra ambitious when it comes to a new client welcome experience, you can even use Trainerize Pay automation to put new clients onto a prep Program that runs before their actual Training Program begins, then switch them over to their full Program when it’s time to start training.

The best part of all this is that, once you’ve built your Products and added automation options, you, as the trainer, don’t have to lift a finger, and your clients: they don’t have to wait.

It’s no surprise then that Trainerize Pay is the perfect solution to managing an online fitness business.

With Trainerize Pay, Trainerize comes to life and the client experience is finally complete! Now you and your clients have everything—all in one platform, with no other systems or platforms required.

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Even More Reasons to Love Trainerize Pay

Sell one-time or recurring products
Choose how and when you’d like to receive payment for your fitness products.

New client self-serve purchases
Sell fitness services to new clients without having to set them up first.

Be discovered on
List your products on your profile to let prospective clients find you and buy your Products instantly.

Share Products links EVERYWHERE
Promote your Products online through Facebook and Instagram, or embed them to your existing Website.

Entice clients with discount codes
Build discount codes with flexible options like limited number of redemptions, expiration dates, etc. then share with clients or manually apply directly to a purchase.

Get access to all your invoices and sales history
Keep your business records organized and say goodbye to building invoices for all your clients every month.

Automate every step of the way
Create different types of automation at the time of purchase and on a Product’s start date. This way, you can give your clients exactly what they need, when they need it, like delivering a prep program or adding them to a group.

Automatic payment failure collection
No more chasing down missed payments, our system will make multiple attempts to collect payment on your behalf.

Powered by Stripe
We take your online business seriously, and because Trainerize Pay is powered by Stripe, you know it’s stable and secure.

Synced and seamless
Because Trainerize Pay is fully integrated with Trainerize, all your training and payments are synced and in one place.

Plays nice with Zapier
Set up automation actions when clients purchase or start training, such as a set of emails they receive.

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Perfect for Fitness Clubs

If you run a brick and mortar studio or a fitness club, Trainerize Pay is also for you. Add it to your business as the perfect complement to your current solution and let it handle your online product delivery.

Ready to get started with seamless program delivery? Activate Trainerize Pay for $7/mo on any paid Trainerize Plan.

Get Started with Trainerize Pay

Getting started with Trainerize Pay is quick and easy, and once it’s set up, your business will run like clockwork. Think of Trainerize as auto-pilot for your online sales.

For more information about getting started, or for answers to frequently asked questions, check out the Trainerize Pay section of the Help Center.

Migrating From Another Solution?

Make the transition and enjoy the seamless experience of training and payment collection together in one app. By streamlining your operations and tapping into the automation power of Trainerize Pay, you’ll be able to focus on growing your business and training your clients.

We make it easy for you to make the switch to Trainerize Pay. Check out our help articles on how to migrate from Stripe or Paypal for more information.

If this sounds like a win-win-win to you, start using Trainerize Pay to sell your personal training services.

Sign up for your free 30-day trial of Trainerize.


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