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At Trainerize, we are regular people first and foremost. We go to the gym, find the closest burger joint on our phone, use Google maps to find directions, and use the Internet to find the cheapest flights when we travel.

That’s my vision for Trainerize. A simple and easy to use fitness training platform that connects everyday personal trainers with their everyday clients easily and seamlessly, becoming part of their everyday lifestyle.

We really want the software to get out of the way. So personal trainers can just sign up and focus on what they do best – training their clients. With Trainerize, we believe you can offer richer value-added services quickly and more easily. Need to validate to your clients their immense progress while continuing to train with you? No problem… simply hit print on the Monthly Grid. Have clients that can’t afford to train in-person with you every time they work out? Sure thing, create more affordable online or combination training packages to cater to an entirely new market. We want to help you maximize your bookings and train more people with less time.

Our trainers are not just simply users of our software. But rather, we are in this together. We build your digital storefront for your online face, and provide you the tools to reach out and wow your clients.

We believe helping you succeed is our success too.

Have an idea? Shout it out!

As the Product Director, I take every chance I can to speak to our trainers. On the phone, via e-mail, via chat or in-person. I believe that when building software for real people, it is important to get out of the building, to interact and listen to our users’ ideas and needs.

Hate how a feature works? Let us know. Need a quicker way to do things in Trainerize? Shout it out! Love to introduce yourself with a video? Vote it up. We love getting your suggestions big or small! Our customer success and product teams work closely together to ensure that your voices are heard and that your ideas make it into our product roadmap.

Reach us by hitting “Send App Feedback” when using the app, or simply visit

You can also reach us via [email protected], Facebook or Twitter.

Vote Up An Idea. Join our trainer community!

Our vision of making Trainerize simple and easy to use for trainers and their clients means unfortunately we cannot put every bell and whistle into Trainerize. We see Trainerize as a coherent sum of parts. From its website, to the integrated site designer to the mobile app experience. We want the entire experience to just make sense, for you and your clients.

We actively listen to our community on our idea forum. You can get involved by voting up ideas on Help us decide what makes the biggest difference to you! Vote up the ideas you think count. Suggest new ones. Report annoyances or bugs.

We use your votes to help us decide what features to tackle first. Voting also ensures you’re notified once we start or complete a feature.

This has been an amazing year for us. There are many great features coming down the road. We’re excited! I’m sure our trainers are too… as most of these features started with you. We look forward to hearing from you, building better tools for you and growing your business together with you.

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