Videos and Testimonials Mike Campbell shares his new book and his secret to success with online training

When we caught up with Mike earlier this year in Sydney, he was hard at work with the final edits of his book, Unleash Your Alpha. Mike is a great example of a personal trainer that is building brand awareness through multiple channels – books, social  media, magazines, and lastly word of mouth referrals.  His in-person fitness business, online brand personality and online training services all serve in tandem to magnify his brand recognition as a premier trainer in Australia.

Check out his new book here at

Mike loves using Trainerize, as it allows him to travel and keep in touch with his clients. It keeps his clients connected with him through in-app messaging, and accountable through workout tracking when they are training with him online.

Congrats Mike! We’re excited to grow with you and support you as you scale!

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