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Mistakes with TikToks and Reels

If you’re not living under a rock, chances are you are a frequent user of TikToks and/or Instagram Reels. And if not: this is your PSA to start utilizing these marketing channels ASAP! Short-form videos are taking over social media feeds while usually outperforming regular content like image posts with higher reach and more impact on channel growth.

With popularity of TikToks and Reels at an all-time high, fitness professionals who use these clips are smart—but many are making crucial mistakes. If you’re using TikTok and Instagram Reel as a supplement to your lead generation strategy but are having a hard time converting views to followers to clients, then keep reading for 3 key mistakes I see fitpros making all the time.

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Mistake #1: Non-relevant material with no value

While hopping on trends can boost your visibility, you have to think about how each of your videos is relevant to your brand and target audience. Rather than posting just to post, take a moment to really put yourself in the shoes of your target audience. For instance, if your target audience is busy moms who need to fit in quick and effective workouts, then why would you post a clip with you dancing to a trending song without reference to your specific services?

Instead, you can provide value and expertise by posting a fun, quick, and effective workout that your followers can engage with and save on their feeds.

⚡️ TZ Tip: Think of your target audience’s pain points and speak to those when it makes sense—using trends that they will be seeing on their feed! Or use trends and humor to represent your brand values.

Mistake #2: No calls-to-action

Now that you’re posting more values-based videos, how are you driving your followers through your sales funnel? Yet another mistake: a lack of a call-to-action. If you would like your viewer to become a client you need to give them clear steps to bring them to your brand and services.

For instance, at the end of each clip you can add text on the screen that gives them instruction: “Click the link in my bio to check out my coaching services today!” or “Click the link in my bio to sign up for my free trial!” Something as simple as that to give your viewers direction in the steps you want them to take! In addition, in your content piece you can provide more written actions for your viewers to take while highlighting your expertise in more detail.

Mistake #3: Not posting consistently

Great, you’ve created some of your first TikToks and Reels but now you find yourself slacking in creating follow-up videos. You must keep up with your content or else your target audience will no longer be interacting with you and your brand—the platform algorithms require you to keep posting on a regular basis.

Make it a goal to upload at least 1 to 2 new TikToks or Reels per week that not only showcase your expertise as a coach! Remember to provide as much value as possible to your viewers and potential clients.

⚡️ TZ Tip: Having a content calendar is a wonderful way to stay accountable for posting consistently to your platforms.

Ready to make those most of your TikToks and Reels and convert those views into clients? Avoid these 3 mistakes and your content should be rockin’ and rollin’ while getting more and more engagement within each post!

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