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See What's New in Trainerize Pay and Learn How to Make The Sale

You know what feels great? Smashing through your previous sales records and watching your revenue hit an all-time high.

So, what if we told you you could have that feeling right now. And again tomorrow. And the next day. And the next… It might sound like we’re joking, but with our latest update to Trainerize pay, we’re confident that you really can make it happen.

After all, this release is packed with tons of new features—each one designed to help you make the sale. From a brand new Facebook Pixel integration and shareable links with discount codes built right in, to slick new product and checkout pages, this update gives you everything you need to become a marketing pro.

See what’s new and learn how you can use these features to smash your sales records over and over and over. 👇👇👇

Slick New Product and Checkout Pages

Pop quiz: what’s one of the easiest ways to lose out on a prospective client? Give them too many reasons to leave the checkout process before they actually buy!

When it comes to converting clients, the name of the game is sleek and simple. That’s why we’ve redesigned both our product and checkout pages for all Trainerize Pay products to be exactly that. 

New in Trainerize Pay: Redesigned Product Pages

Optimized in every way possible for maximum conversion, these new full-screen pages feature slick white designs that give your clients exactly the information they need to complete their purchase as quickly as possible, without any unnecessary distractions, links, or “escape routes” (like menus, banners, or buttons).

New in Trainerize Pay: Redesigned Checkout Pages

As an added bonus, they no longer feel like pop-ups which give clients more confidence when buying.

Just a few more ways we’re helping you give your clients the best buying experience possible, while also helping you train more clients and make more money.

Product Links, Checkout Links, and Discount Links, Oh My!

To help you guide your clients through the sales process and take them to the ideal next step in their buying journey, we’ve introduced three new link types you can use to market and sell your training products. 

New in Trainerize Pay: Product Links, Checkout Links, and Discount Links

The first is a product link, which leads to a page with a detailed description of the product and options for them to make a purchase.

These are the ideal links to share when you want to make an existing or prospective client aware of your products or services or highlight a specific program you think would be perfect for them.

The second is a checkout page link, which goes directly to a page where they can instantly enter their payment information and complete the purchase of a specific product.

You’ll want to use these links to share with clients who are ready to purchase from you after you’ve warmed them up and already pitched them the product by email, in-app message, or through your website.

The third kind of link is a discount link, which can be set up to take leads or clients to either the product page or the checkout page (you choose!) and automatically applies a pre-selected discount code when they get there.

New in Trainerize Pay: Discount Links

This is an amazing tool for upselling and converting leads and existing clients. For example, you can use a product page discount link in an email campaign to your leads, encouraging them to upgrade by a specific date to access a program at a special price. Or, you can use discount links in in-app messages to existing clients with a similar message to get them to buy their next program and keep training. 

What makes these three kinds of links so cool is the flexibility it adds to your marketing and selling strategies. You and your business can get both creative and strategic in how you share the links, embed them on your website, or leverage them on social media.

Upsell Features

You landed the client, guided them through an amazing goal-crushing training program, and now their package or subscription is about to run out. What’s your next move? How do you keep that client training and get them onto a new program?

Ahh, the art of the upsell. It’s a tricky thing! But lucky for you, it just got easier. 

Thanks to our new product link feature for in-app messages, you can schedule and send messages to your clients that include direct links to the perfect product for the next step in their fitness journeys!

New in Trainerize Pay: Send Product or Checkout Links through In-App Messages

Sales Channel Resources

We know all of this can be a bit overwhelming, and wearing the hats of both fitness expert and marketing and online sales whiz can be hard. So we’ve put together some resources to help you do both by giving you the knowledge you need to rock every sales channel you use. 

New in Trainerize Pay: More Resources to Help You Leverage Your Sales Channels

Take advantage of our recommended videos, articles, and more so you can start selling like a boss.

*NEW* Extra Security in Trainerize Pay 

Finally, we made some more upgrades to Trainerize Pay behind the scenes, in the form of new and more advanced security measures. 

Due to changing international regulations and innovations in online payment security, everyone already using Trainerize Pay will be required to upgrade their add-on by March 31, 2020. 

There’s no additional cost to upgrade and it takes less than a few minutes to complete. You can find step-by-step instructions in our help center.


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