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Personal Trainers, Put the Power of Visualization to Work for You

As a personal trainer, when you take on a new client, do you ask them what their goals are?

Of course, it’s critical, right? Before you create a plan for them, you find out what brought them to you and what they want to change; where they are today and where they want to be. You might even take a photo of them holding today’s newspaper, so that they can look at it later as proof of how far they’ve come.

There’s a good reason for this. You want to stimulate your client to imagine a future state, in which they’ve achieved their fitness goals and transformed their life. It’s powerful, right? You ask them to create a vision of the future they want, a time when they look in the mirror and really like what they see. Then this is what happens: They create that picture in their brain, they begin to commit to it, and start moving towards it, day by day. That compelling vision of the future is their answer to “Why am I doing this?” Without the ‘why,’ working out is drudgery. With it, every workout becomes another step in an epic journey to the place you want to be. Setbacks are just temporary, because you know how far you’ve already come, where you’re going, and how you’re going to get there. You’re confident because you’ve had some success, and you’re eager to take the next steps.

So, have you done this for yourself lately – defined your compelling vision of the future? Not in terms of your fitness, so much, but with a focus on what you ultimately want to achieve as a personal trainer?

What’s your vision as a personal trainer and business owner?

Just as your clients need a vision of the future, so do you. Otherwise it’s too easy to slip into just going through the motions every day. Pretty soon you’re backsliding, not making progress toward the life you really want, as you’ve defined it, and letting outside factors determine your fate, rather than seizing your own destiny. Maybe you’re still not sure of exactly where you want to go. Or maybe you’re more sure of what you don’t want in the future – and that can be extremely motivating too. In either case, asking yourself some questions can be a powerful strategy for bringing your longer-term vision into focus.

  • Remember why you got into this business in the first place. What were your hopes and dreams then?
  • Where do you want to be in five years?
  • How many clients do you want, and who is your ideal client?
  • How can you attract more of your ideal clients?
  • How can you keep your clients engaged?

When you’re clear on what you need to live the life you want, consciously or sub-consciously, you begin to line up the elements that will enable you to bring your vision into reality – just like your clients who want to get fit. Is it the law of attraction, or the secret or some mystical scientific mumbo jumbo? Sure, whatever. One thing’s for certain, visualizing your own success works (ask anyone who’s ever achieved anything).

Once you have clarity on what you want, you open doors to start making it happen. For instance, if you want fewer clients because that makes your day more manageable, then you’ll find ways to provide more value and get more revenue from each client. You’ll start noticing opportunities you overlooked before, because now you’re more aware, consciously and sub-consciously. This is how you re-awaken your passion, re-ignite your career and reap the benefits of being a change agent who helps people enhance the quality of their lives.

Get clear today, get what you want tomorrow! Have you clarified your vision of your ideal practice as a fitness professional? Let us know in the comments!

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