Product and CompanyProduct Releases Retain and Engage Clients by Building an Awesome Fitness Journey

We’re committed to make Trainerize an amazing experience for you and your clients.
This new update is one of our biggest so far and we hope you’ll find that all these features help you retain and engage clients to grow your online fitness business!

Retain and Engage Clients by Building an Awesome Fitness Journey

What are we changing?

We’ve upgraded our platform to support our new version 2.0 mobile app. We’ll be upgrading on Friday Feb 6, 10pm -12am PST. Expect Trainerize to experience interruptions as we bring the new experience to life.

Time to say buh-bye to the old mobile app

We had to make a few big changes under the hood and we’ve rebuilt large sections of our mobile app to provide better and faster experience for you and your clients.

By upgrading to a new mobile experience, the old app will no longer work. You and your clients need to make the jump to the new v2.0 app as of Friday Feb 6,10pm-12am PST.  If you have automatic app updates turned on,  no action will be required. Otherwise, when you open the Trainerize app, simply click Upgrade when prompted.

What’s in it for you?

Well, everything! You get to experience all these new features and make your online fitness business run smoother.

Build Your Customer Fitness Journey

Life gets busy sometimes and it might be challenging to keep an eye on all of your clients and their training plans. With Trainerize you can create an entire customer fitness journey online. These great new features will help you keep clients engaged and encourage them to renew their online training subscriptions. Not only that, but you can extend client training plans by giving them homework workouts, staying on top of their progress, and continuing with in-person sessions.

Planning in advance is KEY

You know all those times when you wished you reminded yourself of something you need to do in the future? Writing it on your fridge, in your phone, or in your notebook might get the job done for you, but not so much for your clients and their busy schedules. They can forget to keep track of their stats and miss taking measurements and progress photos if you don’t stay on top of them.

Not anymore! We’ve made client reminders in Trainerize even better. You can now schedule client body stats and progress photos right in their calendar (just like you schedule their workouts)! We think it’s the best way to get clients to commit to their training plans, and to you! Plus they get to form a habit with Trainerize which means you can plan their training and keep them as clients for a longer period of time.

What’s NEW in the Trainerize App

What's NEW in the Trainerize App
iOS Reminders. Trainerize will now remind clients about what they need to do each day! The notifications show up on the iOS lock screen, so at a glance, your clients can see if they need to workout,  add body measurements, or take progress photos. By swiping the reminders, clients open the app and get to re-engage with you and their online workouts instantly.

The best part? Clients can set their preferred reminder time in the app settings. So whether they workout in the morning or evening, the app will remind them at whatever time they choose.
iOS Reminders

A visual approach to body-stats. Now clients will find it easier and more fun to add in their measurements.  They can see scheduled body stats reminders from their mobile Dash in the ‘Upcoming’ tab.

A visual approach to body-stats

Faster messaging and much more. Among the new features released in the mobile app, we included a smoother and faster messaging experience. This is a core feature in Trainerize that we improved, and now you can communicate with your clients on the go with chat-like messaging.

Other bug fixes and improvements:

  • Some of you have been having issues with adding decimals on the  keyboard of some Android versions. We have fixed those.
  • We have also corrected timer instability that occurred with large rest times.

As always, we strive to provide the best possible experience for our trainers. We work hard to deliver features you will love and listen closely so that we can deliver an even better platform with each update. Please keep the ideas flowing and we will continue to make this the best Online Personal Training Platform.

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