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How to Set Up a Fitness Test in Trainerize

If you you’ve ever wondered why Trainerize does not have fitness tests built in, it’s because it doesn’t really need them!

Because the software is able to track any workout, any workout can become a fitness test in Trainerize.

I have set up a few common fitness tests in Trainerize for my clients. It’s quicker than you think!

Setting up a fitness test can easily be done by creating a new workout template. Then, you just add the exercise you would like to test, or even a combination of exercises. And just like a workout, this can be done using time, reps, or as many reps as possible (AMRAP) in one minute, etc.

If you wanted to set up a fitness test for your clients doing a Press Up, complete the following steps below.

How to Set Up Fitness Tests in Trainerize:


  • Create a new workout template
  • Call it “Press Up Test”
  • Add the Press up exercise to the workout. You can also add variations of that exercise. (I have a Half Press Up exercise and a Full Press up Exercise within my Press Up Test workout template and simply state which one I’d like the client to do.)
  • Copy the “Press Up Test” to their Training Plan and schedule it using the Calendar.

You can now get your clients to test themselves, or better yet, you can use this feature to track your in-person clients and measure their results.

Fitness Tests

Progress can be tracked using the Progress Feature. Just choose ‘by workout.’

  • Choose the ‘Press Up Test’ and Presto! Your clients results are ready to view.
We love hearing feedback and stories from our trainers. So let us know how you fare creating your own fitness tests in Trainerize! We’d love to see what other kind of creative ideas you come up with.

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