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Surprise Clients This Valentine's Day With Online Partner Workouts

As a good business owner, it’s always nice to surprise your paying clients with something they didn’t ask for (or pay for).

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, why not create a few partner workouts that clients can do with their significant others to turn their workout into a date? Even if clients are single, it would be a nice gesture to provide them with these workouts and convince them to do them with a friend. After all, Valentine’s is not all about chocolate and candy!

Adding these workouts to your Trainerize app for your online training clients is great, but you can also save these workouts as PDF’s, and create blog posts about them, and post them on your social media channels.

An Easy Marketing Idea: You can post these workout ideas on your Facebook page (for example) a few days before Valentine’s Day and ask people to “Tag a loved one you want to challenge to these workouts!” Be sure to mention your online training or add a clickable link in these posts in order to draw some more attention to your online training services.

Here are a few examples of some partner workouts you could create in Trainerize:

1. Compete with Love

Create a competitive workout to have the “love birds” compete against and push each other through their workout. An idea for this could be a HIIT type workout, where they are working right along side each other and going for max reps in each exercise. Nothing like the motivation of bragging rights to make you push a little bit harder in a workout. You can set this up in the Trainerize app for them so they can track reps completed and they can use the built-in interval timer to time each exercise.

2. Tag Team

Create a workout that significant others can complete together (you know for those non-competitive types). You can create this in Trainerize as a circuit or superset type of workout where one person can complete the circuit, while the other is resting. Or if they are doing a superset workout, you could create upper body / lower body superset splits where the couples could trade back and fourth.

3. Chase My Love

You could create a cardio workout using a treadmill, skipping rope, spin bike, or outdoor running. A great workout that couples can do is using a treadmill for hop on hop off sprints, if they can get treadmills side by side, it would be best. I really like doing 20 seconds sprints with a 20 second rest, so while one person is sprinting the other person is cheering them on, then they trade back and fourth. This could also be done on spin bikes, with a skipping rope, or even outdoor sprints (even better with stair sprints!).

I hope this helps give you a few ideas on how you can use Valentine’s Day to not only keep current online training clients happy, but maybe bring in a few more clients, too!

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