Product and CompanyProduct Releases The Trainerize Fitbit® Beta Integration Will Allow You To Better Track Client Health

The Trainerize Fitbit® Beta Integration Will Allow You To Better Track Client Health

We’re pumped to announce the latest addition to the Trainerize add-ons gallery! Our new Fitbit Beta integration will take your client tracking capabilities to a whole new level.

Trainerize + Fitbit Beta

The Trainerize Fitbit Beta integration offers a new way for fitness professionals to analyze and influence client behavior by providing access to device and wearable data. With the new capabilities, fitness professionals and nutritionists using Trainerize gain access to client weight, resting heart rate and body fat percentage data from Fitbit devices and wearables.

At the same time, clients can use their Fitbit smart devices, both the Fitbit tracker and also the Fitbit Aria Scale, to stay more connected to their trainer. This new data that trainers receive can help them to create highly personalized training plans.

introducing the trainerize fitbit beta integration

WHY A BETA INTEGRATION? With the Fitbit Beta integration we are laying the groundwork to make Trainerize device and wearable ready! The Beta integration allows the syncing of Resting Heart Rate – from heart rate enabled Fitbit trackers, and Weight and Body Fat % from the Fitbit Aria Scale. We are looking at expanding the integration in upcoming months by fully syncing daily activity and workout data. Stay tuned for more! 🙂

Help clients change health behaviors

Offer highly personalized training plans by gaining access to accurate body measurement data. By connecting their Fitbit trackers and scales to Trainerize, clients become more accountable when they know their trainer is watching!

The Fitbit Beta integration further emphasizes the huge role Trainerize is playing in having fitness professionals look at client device and wearable data. These days everyone is using devices to track body stats and activity, but how well do we actually interpret the data? Trainerize is bridging the gap by allowing fitness professionals to analyze stats, which helps them make better and more informed health and fitness decisions.

Track progress more effectively

With Fitbit Beta, trainers can keep clients engaged to their training plan and their Trainerize app through smart devices and wearables. It’s also easier for clients to take body measurements and have them sync directly into Trainerize.

What data syncs in Trainerize:
  • BODY WEIGHT  (from Fitbit Aria scales)
  • BODY FAT (from Fitbit Aria scales)
  • RESTING HEART RATE (from heart rate enabled Fitbit trackers)


Keep track of cardiovascular health with heart rate stats

Monitoring resting heart rate can provide trainers and clients with helpful overall health information. This data will allow you to tell if your clients are working hard enough, if their cardiovascular health is improving and how their body composition is changing. Also, changes in resting heart rate measurements can signal medical problems that fitness professionals can help improve early-on. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), the number of times your heart beats per minute can hint at a client’s overall fitness level.

We hope you make the most of the Trainerize Fitbit Beta Integration and use it to promote your training services and Trainerize app. Get clients excited to be training with the latest technology and encourage them to sync their devices for a better, healthier self!

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