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Trainerize Update: Automate Your Business - Connect Apps To Trainerize

Everyone’s business is slightly different. Now we can help manage yours easier! Our latest Trainerize update introduces a new way of managing your business by doing things faster and easier than ever with Zapier app automation.

Everyone is using different software solutions to take care of their business, from payment and billing platforms such as Stripe or Shopify, to email marketing tools like MailChimp, or to document management software like CudaSign. We’re now making it easier to work with all of them, and also easier to get them working for you.

Introducing Trainerize App Automation. Connect Trainerize to over 500+ apps powered by Zapier.

Do less manual work and handle more business with the best automation tools. You’ll be more productive and save time automating repetitive tasks in your business workflow.  The brand new Zapier App Automation section is included with any Trainerize plan and allows you to automate your business and extend it with new apps and functionality.

By listening to your suggestions, we created the best automation workflows for linking Trainerize to your payments, email marketing and PAR-Q document e-signing. Check them out!

DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT.  Seamlessly request clients to e-sign documents without having to manually email them. For example, by connecting the CudaSign automation, you can get signatures or responses to your PAR-Qs, liability waivers, or other client forms electronically. Save time and have documents ready before your first in-person consultation. Once your clients sign the documents, they’ll automatically be attached to Trainerize as client profile attachments.

Client Pays > Automate Action > Send Client CudaSign Document to e-sign

PAYMENTS AND BILLING AUTOMATION. Setting up new clients just got a lot easier. You can now setup clients in Trainerize as soon as they pay on your website or e-storefront through PayPal, Stripe or Shopify. This ensures clients get a seamless welcome to your business and you won’t have to manually add in their details again! After you set up this automation, each time a new customer purchases a training subscription or package from your website, a new client within Trainerize is created and a welcome mailer with setup instructions is sent immediately. This is a key automation workflow that will save you time, especially when you are running a challenge or promotion and have many clients signing up at once.

Client Pays > Automate Action > Create New Client in Trainerize

This automation also allow you to copy over training and meal plans from another client as a template, saving you the effort of copying those over as well. For more information on this check out our full instructions.

EMAIL MARKETING. Boost your marketing by connecting with email marketing apps like MailChimp. You can use this automation to save time when adding clients to your email lists. Instead of manually copying and pasting a new client’s email address into your email marketing platform yourself, this automation will do it for you. After everything is set up, whenever you add a new client to Trainerize, they will be automatically added to a selected mailing list. Now you can make sure your marketing or welcome mailers go out to them as soon as possible.

Client Pays > Automate Action > Add New Client to Email in Mailchimp

OTHER APPS. The sky is the limit when it comes to other automation workflows you can create with Trainerize and Zapier. Check out other apps you can connect Trainerize with to extend your business productivity.

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