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Get ready to bring people and coaching together to motivate clients in a brand new way. 

With Challenges on ABC Trainerize, we’ve completely reimagined challenges for the coaching and fitness industry. Think beyond traditional scales and one-size-fits-all challenges. Instead, every rep, every meal, and every checked-off habit becomes a stepping stone toward their goals, all while infusing an element of fun, and healthy competition into their fitness journey.  

A Holistic 360° Approach to Delivering Challenges  

Here at ABC Trainerize, we believe wellness goes beyond fitness and the gym, it encompasses habits, nutrition, and personalized fitness goals. Which is why we’ve invested heavily into fitness, nutrition, and habit coaching over the years, to help you deliver a holistic 360° approach to coaching. And now, we’re bringing it all together.   

Our latest Challenges feature is designed precisely with this holistic mindset – because the magic happens when you consider all three ✨ 

Welcome to a new era of coaching with Challenges on ABC Trainerize — where holistic wellness meets unparalleled client engagement. Are you ready? #ChallengeAccepted  

Say Hello to Challenges

Challenges are here. Your new favorite way to coach. Your clients’ new favorite way to train. We’re empowering you to make your client experiences more enjoyable through gamifying the fitness journey.  

Choose between leaderboard challenges where clients can compete with one another or set up challenges where everybody wins! Set the rules for how clients can earn points, such as completing a workout or hitting daily nutrition goals. Then, enroll your clients into the challenge, patiently count down to the start of the challenge, and watch engagement soar!  

Two Types of Challenges, Endless Possibilities  

Two different types of challenges: leaderboard and threshold

Inspire Healthy Competition with Leaderboard Challenges. 

Leaderboard challenge

Are your clients competitive? Or perhaps they need the extra dose of peer competition to stay accountable? A Leaderboard Challenge may be the perfect challenge as it introduces an element of healthy competition. This challenge ends with three top winners, creating an exciting atmosphere as participants strive to secure a coveted spot on the leaderboard. It’s great for fostering a healthy, competitive community, while driving individuals to push their limits and elevate their overall fitness performance! 

TZ Tip!  Pair Challenges with rewards to incentivize your Challenge participants to push a little harder for the top spots!  

Everyone’s in This Together With Threshold Challenges. 

Threshold challenge

Nothing brings people closer than a shared struggle. A Threshold Challenge can create a strong sense of camaraderie by having all your clients chase the same goal. Participants work towards a preset point threshold, and everyone can be a winner once they hit it. This type of challenge encourages participants to lift each other up, so everyone can celebrate the feeling of hitting their goals! Perfect for building a super engaged community amongst your clients. 

TZ Tip!  The threshold will be split into bases, so your clients see and feel progress as they make their way to the top! 

3 Simple Steps to Bring Your Challenge to Life

You’ve picked the type of challenge you’re running, now comes the fun part – designing your challenge! Luckily, all it takes is 3 easy steps to bring your challenge to life (plus a bonus step to really take it to the next level!).  

1. Customize Your Challenge Details. Give your challenge a fun name like 2-Week Fitmas Challenge and choose a thumbnail image to really set the tone. Then set the start date, time, and duration. Lastly, add a description to build excitement and guide your clients so they can spend less time being confused and more time racking up points once the Challenge starts!

Challenge details

2. Set the rules. Determine how clients can earn points and how much each completed activity is worth. With Threshold Challenges, you’ll be able to set a point value clients need to cross to complete the challenge.  Clients earn points as they complete specified fitness milestones, such as: 

  • Completing workouts 
  • Completing cardio activities 
  • Setting personal bests 
  • Hitting daily nutrition goals 
  • Completing daily habits 
  • Achieving fitness goals

Challenge rules

3. Add your clients to the Challenge. Once the challenge is created, you can add your clients, so they’re aware and ready before the challenge starts!

Add participants to challenges

Bonus step: Create and add your challenge participants into a Challenge Group because Challenges + Groups = 💛! That way you can build excitement before, during, and after the challenge and foster community!

Watch Your Clients Fall in Love with Challenges 

Challenges client view

On top of the extra boost of motivation and accountability clients get from Challenges, they’ll also love how simple and engaging it is to use daily!

Give your clients the best experience when it comes to taking part in your Challenge. Your clients can view what challenges they’ve been added to right from their mobile app, see their progress throughout the challenge, and see other challenge participants so they know they’re not alone on this ride. Plus, they can easily access all the details of the challenge right at their fingertips!

We’re confident your clients will love Challenges just as much as we do, but just in case you don’t believe us, check out what one trainer had to say about what his clients have to say about Challenges!

Excite and Motivate Your Participants

Excite and motivate your participants with messages

Send updates and encouraging messages to participants right from the challenges screen. Whether they need a nudge to get started or a boost of motivation as the end date nears, this is where you keep them engaged. Simply select the participants you want to message, then hit the chat button!  

TZ Tip!  We recommend sending messages separately, so your clients don’t get overwhelmed by new group chats.  

Why You and Your Clients Will Love Using Challenges 

Coach testimonial

Boost Motivation and Accountability: Enhance client motivation, engagement, and accountability by incorporating gamification. Points and competition amongst peers encourage clients to stick to fitness programs, nutritional goals, and habits, ensuring compliance soars. 

Build a Thriving Community: Capitalize on the synergy of Challenges and Groups. Encourage community building, motivation, and support by connecting clients within challenges. Foster connections, messages, and celebrations through integrated groups, strengthening the sense of community. 

Create More Business: Generate more revenue by seamlessly integrating challenges into existing programs, creating higher-tiered challenges, or offering challenges as a standalone product. Challenges are also a great way to upsell clients into higher ticketed coaching memberships. 

Effortless Progress Tracking: The points add themselves. As your clients complete point-earning activities, all the math is done for you. No need for any manual calculations.  

Keeping it All in One Place: Manage challenges seamlessly in one place. Drop the need for extra tools like Excel or social media, streamlining your coaching process.  

There’s More to Come!  

Get ready to stay one step ahead! Step challenges and bulk adding clients to challenges are on the way! Stay tuned. 

Let’s Get Started! 

What are you waiting for? Create your first Challenge on ABC Trainerize today! We’ve created some resources below to help you get started.  

As you know, we’re always listening to you—our amazing #TZtrainers. We love using your ideas and feedback to help make Trainerize the best app possible for your fitness business.   

Help us shape the future of the programs in Trainerize by letting us know which features you’d like to see here! Or if you have other features you’d like to see added, submit an idea or vote for your favorites in our ideas forum!

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