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Trainerize Update: Discover Trainerize Programs—A Whole New Way to Deliver Training

Here at Trainerize, we don’t believe in quick fixes or band-aid solutions. Instead, we play the long game. That’s why we see fitness as a journey: a journey toward long-term health and wellness. No “miracle” crash diets or crazy workout fads, just real, steady progress toward making fitness and nutrition part of your everyday life.

Many of you have asked for a simpler way to create programming, and for a way to periodize training plans based on phases and longer term results. We believe Programs will be a massive game-changer in how you train and will elevate your training plans. Here’s what you should know.

Trainerize Programs are a whole new way to deliver training.

By combining multiple training plans, and scheduling regular body measurement reminders, trainers can build comprehensive fitness curricula designed to grow and progress with their clients, following them through the different stages of their lives and fitness journeys.

Able to focus now on the bigger picture, trainers aren’t just building workouts, they’re helping clients create long-term plans and make fitness a sustainable lifestyle.

Designing Trainerize Programs

Think of Programs as long-term fitness journeys made up of back-to-back training plans.

Periodize your training

Every new Program starts with a trainer deciding how many training plans they’d like to include and how long each one should be. This lets you periodize your training, building stages or phases that clients can gradually progress through on their way to building a healthy lifestyle.

Keep clients accountable with body stats reminders

It’s time for a progress check!

At the same time that you set the Program duration, you can also schedule in reminders for clients to upload progress photos and enter body stats. This helps keep clients accountable and monitoring their progress throughout their Program.

To make things easier for trainers, we’ve placed these by default at the start of each training plan and on the final day of the Program, but you can always either remove these, add more, or reschedule them however you’d like.

Building your training plans and scheduling workouts

Just like with stand-alone training plans, once you’ve created your Program you’ll need to add workouts to each training plan, then schedule them in. This can be done by either building brand new workouts or, to save time, by copying existing workouts or training plan templates.

Introducing “THE SCHEDULE”

While stand-alone training plans have their workouts scheduled on a client calendar, training plans that are part of a Program have their workouts scheduled on a Program Schedule.

What’s the difference? Client calendars are tied to actual dates and allow trainers to schedule workouts in relation to the current day, week, month, or year. In comparison, Program Schedules aren’t tied to any specific dates. Instead, they show the number of days in your Program broken down into 7-day weeks.

Start training your clients with Programs

Subscribe clients to Programs

Once your Program is built, you can subscribe either one or multiple clients to it and choose when you’d like the Program to start. Because Program schedules are broken down into weeks, to keep things simple and consistent, all Programs start on a Monday.

Supercharge Programs with Trainerize Groups

To help automate the use of Programs, trainers can also build Programs that can be used as a “master Program” with a group of clients embarking on similar fitness journeys.

Whatever the commonality (nutrition-focused, strength building, weight loss, recovery, etc.) all you need to do is create a Program template that works for all of those clients, build and add your clients to a Trainerize Group, and switch on a Master Program.

Combine Programs with Groups for double the motivation horsepower.

Not only do your clients receive a tailor-made Program that will lead them through the current stage in their fitness journey, but because they are part of a Trainerize Group, they also become part of an online fitness community where they can connect with other clients working through the same Program, share their successes, and ask questions along the way.

Whether used with individuals or groups, Trainerize Programs will revolutionize the way you deliver training. Retain clients for longer and affect long-term change as you guide them through custom-tailored fitness journeys toward healthier lifestyles.

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