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Fun fact: as of 2019 there are roughly 60 million people using wearable devices in the United States alone, with almost one-third of them rocking an Apple Watch. That’s a lot of motivational power and fitness potential strapped to the wrists of both your existing and prospective clients.

With this release, we’re tapping into that power and turning Trainerize into the ultimate hub for all your client’s health and fitness data (and we’re taking our first steps toward our full-scale Apple Watch release). Introducing Apple Health for Trainerize (now in beta).

It all starts with wearables.

Sleep time: an example of the new data available in Trainerize with theApple Health and wearables integration.This new integration is all about giving you more of your clients’ data so you can give them the best advice and training to achieve their goals. But to get that data, you first need access to all your clients’ favorite wearables and devices.

With our new integration, Trainerize now syncs data directly from Fitbit, Withings, and (hold on to your smartphones) Apple Health/Apple Watch!

And because we sync with Apple Health, that means, we also sync indirectly with even more wearables or devices that share data into a client’s Apple Health account.

Lean Body Mass: an example of the new data available in Trainerize with theApple Health and wearables integration.Now, let’s talk data.

Because of how seamlessly wearables fit into our day-to-day lives (for example: strap it your wrist and go about your business), they are an absolute powerhouse when it comes to collecting important information about your clients’ health, habits, and activity.

With this new integration, you’re getting access to all that information already being collected by your clients’ favorite wearables and devices, but it’s synced into one place: Trainerize.
You’ll be able to see your clients’:

  • Steps
  • Sleep
  • Calories burned (active vs resting)
  • Lean body mass
  • Blood pressure
  • Resting heart rate

You can use this information to help your clients prioritize the habits that matter, shape the choices they make, and get them to their goals.

A new dashboard with new progress tiles to display data from Apple Health and wearables

A new look for the client dash.

Of course, all this new data needs a home and what better place than right on the client dash!

Now, in addition to their standard body metric and progress tiles (body weight, body fat, caloric intake, resting HR, progress photos), you’ll also see tiles for:

  • Daily steps *NEW*
  • Hours of sleep (last night) *NEW*
  • Lean body mass *NEW*
  • Blood pressure *NEW*

The best part? These dashboard tiles are fully customizable. You and your clients can display the ones you want to see, hide the ones you don’t, and reorder them to your heart’s content.

New graphs to track client progress.

While the new tiles bring client data front and center, we know that, often, the most powerful way to look at client data is in a graph!

So now, whenever you tap on a progress tile on the mobile client dashboard it will automatically take you to its corresponding graph. You can also reach all the graphs of your clients’ body metrics and stats under the progress tab in a client’s profile.

New graphs make it easy to see client progress for the data synced through the Apple Health/Watch integrationP.S. Along with these new metrics, you’ll also notice that resting heart rate and blood pressure have a new home under the client progress tab. We’ve moved it out from the body stats and measurements dialog to give you more visibility and make it easier for clients to track these important metrics.

To add an entry not automatically synced from a device or wearable, clients simply open the graph, tap “add manually” and enter their latest measurements.

These new graphs not only make it easier for you to identify trends in your clients’ habits and health—they also tell the story of their hard work and the value of your coaching.

Good to know.

To help you and your clients make the most of this new release, there are a few other things you should know:

First, in order to access this new (and exciting!) Apple Health/Watch integration and start syncing data, both you and your clients will need to be on version 6.7.9 or higher of the Trainerize app (or of your custom branded app). 

Next, you’ll need to enable it. You can do that by heading into the add-ons section of the web-app and flipping the switch to “on”. (Check out this help article for detailed instructions on how to turn on the integration.)

How to enable the Apple Health/Watch integration

Second, just like with our pre-existing wearable and device integrations, when you invite your clients to connect their Apple, Fitbit, or Withings devices, we’ll provide ready-made instructions for them to follow. You can review and customize these instructions from your Advanced Business settings under “Auto Messages and Events”.

Next, so that clients can add all their important metrics quickly and easily, we’ve moved the entry fields for resting heart rate and blood pressure off of the body measurements dialog and given them each a dashboard tile and graph of their own. If they’re automatically syncing this data into Trainerize from a device, clients can add these metrics manually by tapping on the tile and selecting “add manually” next to the graph.

Finally, we’ve brought the settings for units of measure up to the top level of the “More” menu. No more clicking through multiple different settings groups to find them. Now they’re right there, front and center when you open the menu.

A little extra.

As always, we’re constantly finding new ways to make Trainerize better, so along with all the features and changes mentioned above, this release also includes some additional tweaks, upgrades, and fixes.

Most notable among them is the NEW ability to download videos sent through the in-app messenger. For large video files that might take a little longer to download, you’ll see a new progress bar letting you know the app is working on it and your file will be ready soon.

This is just the beginning.

Of course, we’re only just getting started! This release is the first in a series that will eventually lead us to *drumroll please* a full integration with the Apple Watch, where your clients can track their workouts, caloric burn, heart rate, and more—live and on the go!

Activate the beta integration today and join us as we continue to connect Trainerize to the world’s most powerful wearables, devices, and apps.

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