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Wearables Integration

So many of you have been asking for more ways to put your clients’ favourite fitness wearables to work for them, and we’ve listened. That’s why we’re excited to announce that over the coming months, we’ll be releasing a series of powerful integrations. We recently introduced the ability to connect to Garmin, and now we’re bringing you an update to Fitbit, so your clients can now sync their cardio activities and track even more data than ever before! 

At Trainerize we love hearing from our community to best understand what you need to become a better coach and how we can meet the needs of your client’s health and wellness goals. Our team has taken your feedback and requests over the years and has been working hard to help empower trainers with more data and deeper insights into clients’ health by connecting to new wearables like Garmin. You can look forward to seeing a Google Fit integration in the upcoming weeksWhen clients sync their data to Trainerize, trainers will have the ability to see more significant insights into their client’s overall health.

Filling In the Gaps in Your Client’s Overall Health and Wellness

Your clients can now stay connected to their health and wellness goals—24/7 and provide you with the data in real-time. This 360° approach allows you to gain a deeper insight into your client’s overall lifestyle —running errands, walking outdoors, or having fun—these activities will all be tracked. It’s not about uploading data when your clients remember; their data will be synced to Trainerize seamlessly, on the go. 

These data points help you as a trainer to see your client’s health holistically. Client programs built based on data collected will help keep client retention high. With personalized programs your client’s are more likely to achieve their goal, which will motivate them and keep going. 

Client Data Insights That Sync Seamlessly to Your App

Getting clients set up is a breeze; just point them to the connection section, and the data from the last two weeks will be synced right away. Once connected you will see the client’s data – new activities, daily caloric burn, steps, sleep cycle, and resting heart rate. 

 Client Data Insights That Sync Seamlessly to Your App

Sync with Garmin

For the latest integration with Garmin, just have your clients sync their Garmin with the Trainerize app, and the data collection will begin right away. Your client’s data from the last two weeks sync to your dashboard for you to use right away. Check out this help article on how clients can connect to Garmin and share the instructions with your clients!

Let’s dive a bit deeper into some of the features and how they can help you when making programs:

⚡️ Resting Heart Rate – Monitoring your client’s resting heart rate helps you as a trainer understand their overall heart health and if programs need to be adjusted to make sure they stay in the health zone.

⚡️ Steps – Tracking your client’s steps can help you keep them accountable and help you set goals to keep them motivated.

⚡️ Cardio Activity – Having an eye on your client’s cardio activity can be essential for maintaining and helping their overall mental health. Any form of cardio can help release endorphins and reduce stress.

⚡️ Daily Caloric Burn – This data point will be great for any client looking to lose weight and help determine if you need to increase or decrease their workout program to achieve their overall goal.

⚡️ Sleep – Your client’s overall health is greatly affected by sleep, and knowing their energy levels to attack their workouts will mean you can help personalize their programs to meet their individual needs each time. If your client has trouble sleeping, suggest using an app like Calm.

This data can help you customize programs, make check-ins more meaningful, and help clients achieve their overall goals.


Sync with Fitbit

Previously, our integration with Fitbit allowed your clients to sync their sleep, body stats, heart rate, and nutrition data like caloric burn and caloric intake directly into Trainerize. 

Now, with our latest update, your clients can track over 27 different cardio activities on their Fitbit device and have it sync seamlessly to Trainerize. This lets you gain far greater insights into your clients’ health and fitness, outside of all the workouts they do within the app!  

Note: Cardio activities track in Fitbit but not listed in Trainerize, ie. will be categorized and tracked as a General activity.

Our integration with Fitbit allows your clients to sync their fitness activities, sleep, body stats, heart rate, and nutrition data directly into Trainerize. All you need for the integration to work is a Fitbit account. Learn more about how to connect Fitbit to Trainerize through this help article.

Future of Fitness Wearables

With technology forever evolving, at Trainerize, we want to keep pace with the fitness wearables industry. 

You can expect an upcoming release for Google Fit in the future, where you can sync activity tracking, daily caloric burn, steps, sleep, and resting heart rate data. 

Whether you’re a seasoned trainer or new to the industry, understanding your client’s data will be vital. Your client’s data will help you measure success more efficiently by establishing baselines and setting measurable performance goals. As the saying goes, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”. Having a client’s data will help you course correct when needed or accelerate on what’s working. Whatever it is, we got the data for you, all in one spot.

Help us shape the future of fitness wearables at Trainerize by letting us know which integrations you’d like to see! If you’d like to have clients integrate with other fitness wearables like Samsung Health, let us know by voting for the feature. Have something else in mind? Head over to our ideas forum to submit an idea or vote for other favourites!


Are you on a Custom Branded App

Please note that we are rolling out the Garmin update in phases starting with the core Trainerize app. Stay tuned for the Garmin update on the Studio and Enterprise Custom Branded Apps in the next few weeks.

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