Upgrade Announcements Upgrade To Streamline Experiences For Multiple Trainers Businesses

We’ve streamlined and enhanced the trainer page and made it easier for you to manage multiple trainers in a gym or small studio fitness business.

  • Instead of Deactivating trainers, we’ve simplified it to simply Delete. You can now remove a trainer outright.
  • Free accounts can have unlimited trainers too.
  • You can easily reassign clients and workout templates between trainers.
  • See workout templates counts across all trainers.

As part of this streamlining upgrade, deactivated trainers have been removed from your businesses. If there is a deactivated trainer you wish to retrieve, please contact us.

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 10.50.42 AM

This upgrade also includes numerous bug fixes including:
– deleted workouts showing up as missed in trainer notifications
– better performance for client’s recent activity on a trainer’s dash

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