Product and CompanyProduct Releases New Client Search and Overall Speed Upgrades

We have been hard at work to make the Trainerize experience even faster and you’ll be happy to know we made some great changes under the hood. With hardware upgrades and feature enhancements, the Trainerize experience is now quicker than ever before.

New Client Search and Overall Speed Upgrades

  • More responsive web messaging. The web messaging center is now more responsive with a large inbox. We’ve also cleaned up the UI to give you and your clients a more streamlined experience when messaging.
  • Deleting messages on the web. You are now able to delete messages from your message boxes to remove read messages in your inbox and the size of your message box.
  • Client search. Trainers with a large list of clients can now quickly locate  a client by typing in part of their name or e-mail address in the search box at the top menu or on the client page.

Thanks for voting for the above ideas in our idea forum. We encourage you to vote for or add a new feature because we are always listening carefully at to prioritize what to build for the Trainerize platform next.

Keep working with us and we will continue to be the best platform available for personal trainers worldwide.

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