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3 Benefits of Going Paperless By Keeping Digital Client Notes in Trainerize

Have you ever done the WORST thing a trainer could ever do? Lose or “misplace” a client’s file? The one with all of the client notes, workout tracking, and movement screen/assessment scores?

I can honestly say I have never done this (currently knocking on wood), however, I have had a few scares where the file just isn’t in the filing cabinet where it’s supposed to be! So a minor heart attack occurred until I found it where I left it in a “safe place.” We all know this is the worst feeling as trainers, especially if we have multiple trainers working with one client, and that file is the main source of communication between trainers.

So, why not keep it all in a safe place online?

A great feature just added by Trainerize is the ability to have collaborative trainer notes live right inside the app. This means that multiple trainers can leave notes in the client’s account and each trainer can see who left which notes.

3 Reasons Why Going Paperless With Notes Will Make Your Life Easier:

  1. You NEVER have to worry about losing a client’s file ever again.

    All client notes will be in the app, so unless you cancel your Trainerize subscription, you will not have to worry about it.

  2. You don’t need the physical file with you to plan a client’s workout or to find out how a client’s workout went.

    If you are using paper files, you need to collect the file from the training location in order to read through it before planning the client’s next workout. This can prove to be difficult if you aren’t heading to the training location everyday. Now you can get a full update on the recent workouts that the client has gone through right from your phone or laptop.

  3. Clients like to hear that all of the trainers that are training them discuss their workouts.

    They feel more cared for, and that even though they have a few trainers working with them, their needs and goals are still being addressed.

I understand that some trainers are still a bit “old school” and it’s a hard transition when you are used to using paper. Going digital is the way of the future and once you go paperless, you will question why you didn’t do this much sooner!

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