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“Hey Coach, thanks for putting my macro and nutrition targets together. What recipes do you suggest I make to reach these goals?”

“Hey Coach, what meal plan should I follow to hit the macro and nutrition targets you put together for me?”

“Hey Coach, I need super simple recipes to follow because I am busy as heck. Can you shoot some over to me?”

How many times have you received these exact same questions regarding recipes, meal plans, and so forth?

When offering nutrition coaching, it’s simple to calculate specific macro and nutrition targets but what about putting together easy-to-follow meal plans and recipes that your clients can utilize to reach their goals?

Here’s a quick rule of thumb: “KEEP IT SIMPLE”.

Try not to overcomplicate these meal plans and recipes. The more complicated they are, the less your client will stick to them. I know from personal experience that my clients prefer super simple meal plans and recipes that require little prep and little cooking.

Here are 3 tips for you to start implementing in your own business regarding nutrition coaching and giving nutritional guidance:

1. A Sample Meal Plan

Almost all clients at some point are going to ask you for a meal plan so here’s a quick tip: rather than creating a new meal plan from scratch per person, create some sort of “sample” meal plan.

Using a simple template from Canva, you can put together a 7 day meal plan including Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks. Keep this sample plan super general—offering it as more of an inspo tool for your clients to make more healthy food choices. You can even offer this sample meal plan as a staple freebie to your business and brand by attaching it to your existing free trials and lead magnets for extra value!

2) Recipe Packs or Ebooks

To make an even better value-based meal plan, create your very own recipe pack/ebook. What better way to show that you not only know how to be of nutritional guidance but you also can give them guidance in the kitchen?

Using the same Canva platform, you can also choose to create ebooks. Collect some favorite recipes using your own recipe archive, Pinterest, cookbooks, and so forth in order to start building your own branded recipe pack. Again, not only does this highlight you as the expert while helping your clients adhere to their nutrition goals, but you are also increasing your business/brand awareness by creating these valuable assets to your platform. In addition, you can even sell these packs/ebooks as their own standalone products. Hello passive income!

3) Outsource

COMING SOON: The Smart Meal Planner!

If you didn’t already know, Trainerize is coming out with some amazing new nutrition coaching features to help make delivering nutrition coaching easy. One of those features is the Smart Meal Planner, which will allow you to generate custom sample meal plans for your clients in seconds! Instead of creating sample meal plans from scratch, you can quickly generate meal plans tailored to each client based on their caloric intake, macros, dietary preferences, and more. With the time you save, you can focus it back on growing your business and training your clients!

⚡️ TZ Pro Tip: Get on the list to learn when it’s here and about other nutrition coaching features on the way!

There’s also an entire blog series dedicated to nutrition education, with more content being released. You’ll gain more insights into nutritional guidance, meal planning, and meal tracking, and discover how Trainerize can help you at each step along the way in your nutrition coaching journey. Don’t be afraid to outsource for help in order to save you a ton of time, whilst adding value to your clients, your business, and your brand!

Take the leap today and begin bringing more and more value to your clients and your business with added nutritional guidance regarding meal plans, recipe packs, ebooks, and more!

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