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3 Ways Before and After Photos Can Be Your Best Fitness Marketing Tool

When growing an online personal training business (or any business for that matter), you need to have at least a few satisfied customers to help prove your model and help bring in some new customers. Then, to continue growing your business proving your model over and over again, having more and more satisfied customers can be a huge help.

There are many different marketing channels you can use to help grow a business, but there is no better method than word of mouth.

If you can get people talking about your business to others when you’re not around and without you having to ask them, you are on the right track!

So now the question is, how do we get people talking about your online training business when you are not around? How do we turn your clients into walking prospect creators for you? I’ll tell you how… get them results! If you keep your online training clients on point with their workout and nutrition, they are going to lose weight, look leaner, improve their fitness level, and have a new energetic glow about them that people will start to notice. Once people around your clients begin to notice the changes they have happening, people are going to ask what they are doing. Boom! This is where your happy client will talk about how amazing your online training is and send them to your website.

These good words from clients can come through in-person encounters, but also through social media. Social media is one of the main ways people communicate these days, and if you can get your clients discussing you on social media, you are golden!

One of the best ways to get new prospects is to use before and after photos.

Your clients can conveniently upload their photos from the beginning of their fitness journey directly into Trainerize to help measure their on-going progress.

Here are 3 Ways Before and After Photos Can Be Your Best Form of Marketing:

1. They are an Instagram post waiting to happen.

Your clients can upload their before and after photos right into their Trainerize app, and they will be date stamped to when they were uploaded. Once these progress pictures are uploaded, you can log into Trainerize to view them. If you turn your phone to the side, it will also put the before and after photos side by side. All you have to do is simply take a screen shot of these comparison, and you have your next marketing image! I used to have to save all my clients’ images in my phone and then use an app to paste them side by side, but Trainerize took all this leg work out! Be sure to put your logo or website information on the images before you post, though, so people will associate these results with your business.

2. You can tag your clients for more engagement.

If a client is successful in your program, they are going to feel great about themselves, however, they might not always want to post their own before and after photos and brag about how amazing they are for doing so well. That’s okay, that’s where we come in! After asking permission of course, post your client’s progress pictures on your website, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter along with a little blurb about this client’s journey (where they started and where they are now) and be sure to tag them. Tagging them (especially on Facebook) opens up your marketing reach to many new people you might not have reached before. If your client then shares this image, you are doing even better! I find writing a little blurb about their journey is very important, because you might find someone reading that post that is currently in the same situation as this particular client was before they started, and your words could convince them to start training with you.

3. People won’t believe it until they see proof!

Although clients want to see how fit you are by looking at pictures and videos on your website and social media, it is still important to prove that your training works. As a trainer, providing proof that your training actually works on other people of all body shapes, sizes, fitness levels, ages, and gender (depending on your main target market) is very important, especially in today’s saturated market of online personal trainers. Continue to update your “success stories” and/or “testimonials” page on your website regularly with before and after photos to prove to future prospects that you have the ability to help people make positive changes.

I hope this helps you make the most of the progress picture feature in the Trainerize app and also helps bring in some more clients to your online training business!

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