Best Practices 3 Ways I Am Making the Most out of the Trainerize Messenger and Notifications

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Just when I thought there were no other ways to make my life as an online trainer easier, I find out, of course, there is.

Enter the new Trainerize Messenger and Notification features that are now making my life easier and keeping client satisfaction at an all-time high.

Here are 3 ways I am making the most out of the new Trainerize Messenger and Notifications:

1. Auto-messaging is the BOMB!

Well, if that title doesn’t tell you how I truly feel about auto messaging, then I will further explain. If you haven’t noticed yet, Trainerize will now send your clients automatic messages when they hit certain milestones, complete their first workout, or even just to check in on them to see how things are going. This has made my life easier, as the auto-messenger ensures I don’t forget any of my clients and even occasionally beats me to the punch when checking in with them. I love that the auto-messages are written in a way that they sound like I actually wrote them. I love checking my message inbox and my clients have already responded with updates on how they are doing and with any questions before I even had to message them.

2. Real-time messaging means real-time responses

We all love the little three dots on our iPhone when we see that someone is typing a message back to us. First, it lets your clients know not to put their phone away because a response is coming their way really quick; second, it also makes clients feel like their trainer is more accessible and in real-time. I have had reviews from clients that have been using my Trainerize app for a while now, and they’ve said they like that they feel they can get a hold of me more easily with the new real-time messaging. Words of advice, though, still remember to keep your clients informed (according to what is included in their package) that they shouldn’t always expect you to be on your phone 24/7 to respond to them right away. Be sure to stick to your same standards for responses to messages, but let them know if they happen to catch you near your phone, then they will hear from you right away. I tell clients they can expect responses within 12 hours, which is realistic and hasn’t seemed to cause any problems thus far.

“I have had reviews from clients that have been using my Trainerize app for a while now, and they’ve said they like that they feel they can get a hold of me more easily with the new real-time messenger.”

3. New Notifications keep me in the know

This feature is a great new way for me to connect with my clients further. I get these notifications to my phone and if I am not in a situation where I can message them right away, I take a screen shot of the notification to remind me to message clients to congratulate them on the achievement that was mentioned in the notification. Auto-messaging will occasionally beat you to the punch, but the system that works for me is taking a screen shot in case you don’t log-in to your Trainerize home page that day. You have the option to turn these on and off as you see fit, but if you aren’t someone who logs into your Trainerize homepage on a daily basis to see these notifications there, these will help you out a lot!

So that’s how I am using the latest features added to Trainerize. How are you using them to better automate your business and keep clients engaged?

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