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3 Ways to Save Time and Stay Organized With Custom Workout Tags

We need all the help we can get to help make our lives as online trainers easier and help our businesses run more smoothly.

Of all the new recent features Trainerize has added, the ability to add custom workout tags is probably one of my favorite. I have been using Trainerize for almost three years now and that means I have a whole lot of workouts in my “Templates” folder (13 pages worth!).

The Right Template for the Right Client

I have workouts specific to online personal training clients, workouts created specifically for my online 21-day challenges, warm-up workouts, injury rehab workouts, workouts I have created for in-person training clients, and some just for fun to throw into clients’ training plans for a challenge. This can make it very tedious to find specific workouts in my templates (especially if I forget what I called the workouts, so the search bar isn’t an option). Searching through each of the pages for each workout I’m looking for can take up much more time than I want, but now I am making full use of the workout tags option.

Although adding tags might take some time initially to organize, it will be worth it in the long run. Take a look at the reasons why below.

3 Ways To Make the Most of Custom Workout Tags:

1. Create a tag for each online training client

If you create a separate tag for each of your online personal training clients, it will be much easier to find their workout programs and progress them accordingly. This is also a great way to locate programs if you have a client sign up of a similar goal or fitness level as one of you current training clients. You simply just have to locate the program you want through the tag, then copy and edit the specific workout to be individualized to your new client; however, you can start with a base instead of having to start from scratch creating new workouts.

2. Create a tag for each type of workout you have created

For example, home workouts, full body workouts, body part-specific workouts, HIIT workouts, dynamic warm-ups, challenge workouts, body weight workouts, etc. Some workouts can have multiple tags so it will be much easier to find a specific workout you have created in the past to either edit it, duplicate it, or add to another client’s training plan.

3. Create a tag for workouts that still need to be finished

You can call this tag “drafts” and this is a great way to keep track of the workouts that you might have started, but didn’t get a chance to finish completely. This will not only remind you of the workouts you need to get finished, but might also save you time when trying to search for half-completed workouts in your workout templates.

I hope this helps you save a ton of time and become more organized in your online training business. Let me know how you’re organizing your workouts in the comments!

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