Business GrowthSales and Marketing 5 Non-Sales Reasons to Use Social Media for Your Fitness Business

Let me put it to you frank: don’t be that guy.

Using your social media purely for selling and pushing your services can be quite off-putting to your followers and potential clients. While there is always room to sell your services on social media (this is a wonderful way to utilize this platform!), you also must think about balance. Think about using your social media as an open gym floor where you meet new people and get to know one another in hopes that they find you, your lifestyle, and your way of coaching one they want to follow.

Here are 5 non-sale reasons to use social media for your fitness business.

To offer food inspiration 🥬

Instead of selling people on your nutrition coaching offer (if you have one!), show off your eating/cooking style with some food-related content! Things like:

  • a fun cooking tutorial
  • how you meal prep
  • how you balance your healthy lifestyle while going out to enjoy a meal on the town

Personally, my little cooking videos get so much engagement and it’s such a fun outlet for me to get creative in my healthy cooking recipes within my Hispanic heritage. Talk about a win-win when my followers ask me to share my recipes on their own meal plans as their nutrition coach, all while never pushing the sale, simply being me.

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To provide workout inspiration 💦

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy dressing the part as a trainer and have a fun sporty style I enjoy showing my followers. It’s a great feeling when my followers ask where I got my workout top from! Post your workouts and workout aesthetic on social media and just watch the conversation start! It’s such a fun way to get to know your followers while building a virtual rapport. In the same, posting your workouts is a wonderful way for you to show off your style of training for others to be inspired and motivated to follow as well.

Remember, you’re not selling—just showing!

To offer a peek into your life 👀

As a role model in health, use your social media to shed light into the way you live your life as a trainer and advocate for healthy living. Even if it’s just showing others how you pack your gym bag or what you pack for your lunches and snacks when you’re out and about. What a wonderful way to motivate others to start leading a healthy life with you as the main motivator!

To showcase your personality and training style 💁🏽‍♀️

Lighten up, why not show off your personality while giving your followers a real glimpse into who you really are? Are you funny? Then show off your funny side. Are you a book worm? Show your followers what you’re reading. I’m telling you, the more you can be “you” on social media, the more your followers will connect with you and build your trust, even if it’s virtually. People like to know that you’re a real person too, not just a trainer!

To open up a personal connection 💛

While yes, you’re a coach who advocates for healthy living, it’s also important to use your social media as a way to show off your fun side. Perhaps you enjoy paddle boarding on the weekends or hanging out with your dog at the local dog park. There are so many ways to connect with other people on social media who have so many shared interests. Use your social media as a creative outlet and a fun way for people to get to know the real you.

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