CompanyProduct Upgrades and Releases ABC Trainerize Wrapped: 2023 Year in Review 🎉🎁

ABC Trainerize Wrapped

Get ready to take a stroll down memory lane with us as we unveil ABC Trainerize’s Wrapped: 2023 Year in Review! 🎉 

Collectively, as ABC Trainerize, as coaches, and the clients we all passionately serve – we’ve all had an unforgettable 2023 year. It’s been filled with exciting feature launches, transformation and growth, and impressive stats powered by you and your clients!  

As we rewind the highlights, we can’t help but feel a wave of gratitude for all of you who’ve been part of our journey. You’ve cheered us on each time we launched an innovative feature and didn’t hesitate to share helpful feedback to help us be better every day, just like you do for your clients. 💛 

Now, grab your favorite healthy snack, cozy up, and let’s relive what made this year unforgettable. Welcome to ABC Trainerize’s Wrapped: 2023 Year in Review – it’s a celebration, and you’re invited!  

A Closer Look at Our Collective Impact  

Collective Impact Numers

Raising our shaker bottles to all of you! From 60M workouts tracked, 270M meals tracked, 73M messages sent, 150M transacted via Trainerize Pay, plus more – collectively you and your clients made 2023 the biggest year yet! 👀 2024, we’re coming for you!  

The Top Features of 2023 and What’s Next 

Dive into a recap of 2023 as the ABC Trainerize team reflects on the year, including the game-changing features that empowered coaches to thrive. Psst, watch until the end to see what’s coming up next in 2024! 

Check out some of our updates in more detail by visiting our product upgrades blog 

And here’s everything else that happened this year 

Habit Hall of Fame

Habit Hall of Fame
In 2023, your clients cared the most about gains and eating enough protein, but we all know fitness is more than that. It’s also all about that ✨holistic ✨ approach. Taking care of yourself and looking at your phone less all adds up in the end.  

Plus, with your own custom habits, you’ve inspired clients to hit their daily step goals, meal prep, and stay hydrated throughout the day – three simple, yet game-changing habits for a healthy lifestyle. 

Your Favorite Foods 

Favorite Foods

All around the globe, it’s a unanimous vote for chicken, eggs, and bananas as the top three foods tracked. Looks like the chicken did come before the egg in this case. 🐔🥚 

Strength in Numbers 

Strength in Numbers

It’s not just community, it’s a movement. We’re continuing to grow at a breakneck pace and you’re part of an exceptional group of coaches constantly levelling up their practice.  

A Sweat Symphony 

A Sweat Symphony 

Surprise, surprise, the hot girl walk is the IT cardio activity. And what good is getting your heart pumping without a wearable to track it with? 

The Heavyweight Champ

Heavyweight Champ 

In 2023, there’s a (few) new kids in town. The hack squat reigned supreme as the most popular gym exercise added by coaches. Kudos for keeping it fresh and new for clients! 

City Chatterboxes and Slumber Centrals 

City Chatterboxes and Slumber Centrals 

Oi! Australian cities exchanged the most messages in-app. On the contrary, our drowsy friends in the UK, Switzerland, Hungary, the UAE, and Japan had the most sleep-related habits. 

Challenges by the Numbers

Challenges by the Numbers

Watch out, we’ve got a whopping 37,000 clients (about twice the seating capacity of Madison Square Garden) diving into challenges! Plus, looks like clients are a competitive crew and ready to crush goals with Leaderboard challenges coming out on top. 

Referral Riches

Referral Riches

Guess what? Our amazing trainers collectively raked in an extra $30,000+ from our affiliate program this year for sharing their love for us – ABC Trainerize! Talk about turning passion into profit. Cheers to the power of partnership and earning while you inspire. 

Sharing Gratitude 

What a year! We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to our amazing coaches—you, our driving force and the heartbeat of our community. Your dedication, passion, and commitment have fueled the success stories, the gains, and the wins.

As we dive into 2024, the ABC Trainerize team is brimming with excitement, ready to introduce new features and innovations that will elevate your coaching experience to even greater heights. Together, we’ll continue turning fitness visions into seamless realities. Here’s to a fantastic year ahead! 

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