Fitness Business Answering the Tough Questions: Top Client Questions Asked and Answered

Answering the Tough Questions: Top Client Questions Asked and Answered

With so many media outlets and advertisements trying to sell their newest fat loss product or fitness method these days, Clients and friends alike have a tendency of unloading their health and fitness questions on you.

They see you as an expert in the field and that’s a big responsibility, especially when they may be really tough questions to answer. How can you make sure you say the right thing and support those around you along their fitness journeys?

To help get you started, here are some of the top client questions asked and answered.

How Do I Get Rid of Fat in BLANK Area?

Googling anything related to fitness is dangerous. And you can hardly turn on the TV without seeing a commercial advertising some ab trainer that blasts belly fat. With so much misinformation, it’s no wonder most people still think you can spot reduce.

It’s important to advise and share knowledge in a professional manner. So when it comes to the question of how to get rid of fat in a specific area, I always let my clients know that getting rid of fat is a complicated process and you typically lose fat in the order in which you gain it. 

That means, unfortunately, doing planks are not going to necessarily help you lose weight in your stomach, although they will definitely help you lose weight in general. Knowing that this might not be the answer they were hoping for, I also try and leave this information on a positive note by mentioning that they’ll see an overall fat loss by sticking to their plan and being patient.

What Do You Eat?

I can’t count how many times I’ve been asked what I eat. It’s not just with clients either! Friends, family, and strangers also ask whenever they hear my occupation.

What you tell friends and family is up to you, but talking diet is a tricky balance with clients. This can be one of the more difficult client questions to answer and I often recommend that you try to turn the conversation back to them and their own nutrition or fitness goals.

The important thing is to treat each client as an individual. If this particular client is someone that has struggled with their diet for years, consider taking a look at their daily food intake or ask them to pair their FitBit with Trainerize so you can take a closer look.

From there, it’s important to establish a few process goals that are attainable. If they’ve been eating a certain way for years, don’t expect them to change their whole diet overnight. 

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How Do You Stay Motivated?

This is one of the client questions where it’s okay to be honest and tell them the truth about your personal motivation. It’ll actually benefit your client to know that you are human.

As a personal trainer, I’m not always motivated on a day-to-day basis. I also have the occasional pizza night, or a beer or two.

Personal trainers are humans too. Everyone gets unmotivated sometimes. When this happens, think about why you started your health and fitness journey in the first place.

I tell my clients that when I am feeling unmotivated, I try to remember my “why” and that my health and fitness is a lifelong commitment. While it is important to set short-term goals, especially when you are starting a new routine, you’ll have to want it badly enough yourself in order to make any long-term change.

One tip I give is that when I am feeling horribly unmotivated, I tell myself I will start my workout and try for five short minutes. If I am still not wanting to work out after that, then I’ll let myself stop. Oftentimes you’ll start a workout and it’ll make you feel better, so you’ll continue. It’s also helpful for a client that is new to fitness to find a workout buddy or accountability partner to keep them in check.

Why Am I Not Seeing Results?

This is possibly the most difficult question you’ll face as a personal trainer. The important thing is to set expectations early on.

Let them know that results are not a going to happen in a straight line, but rather in a very curvy one that loops backward every once in a while. This is important for the days or weeks where they feel as though nothing is changing.

By encouraging them along in the process (and maybe sharing a story of how your own progress has been halted), they will understand that it’s not going to be a perfect road throughout their journey.

These are just a few client questions you could be asked. You’ll encounter hundreds of tough questions throughout your career. If you are positive and candid with your answer, you’ll gain your clients’ trust and build rapport. It’s also okay to tell your client “I don’t know the answer to that, but I’ll find out.” The industry is evolving, and you can’t know everything. The good news is, difficult questions get easier to answer the more they’re asked. Confidence, honesty, and support go a long way!

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