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This video tutorial walks through the process and shows you exactly how to automate free trials in Trainerize for your automated lead generation process by using Zapier and Mailchimp.

Have you ever missed out on a new personal training client because you didn’t follow up in time?

Sometimes, in the midst of a health-kick, potential clients will reach out with an interest in training. They’re excited and they want to get started. You, however, are busy, and it can take you a few hours (or longer) to respond to them. In that time, their excitement slips away and their motivation evaporates… resulting in a lost opportunity.

Timing is everything when it comes to converting interest into a new lead. That’s why we developed this video tutorial for free trial automationto help you fill your sales funnel automatically, no matter how busy you are!

Why automation?

Automation will simplify the administration of free personal training trials! When someone is interested in your free trial, they’ll click a link, fill out a form, and be immediately enrolled in your program. No more panic about responding to emails and setting up a trial… all of the program content will be sent straight to their phone, ready to win them over with your training skills. All you have to do is follow up after the trial ends and convert those leads into paying customers!

With automation, no matter how busy you are, all of your new leads will get started right away. It’s almost like auto-pilot for your lead nurturing strategy, so you can focus your energy on more important stuff.

How do I set up automation?

We’re glad you asked! We’ve developed this video tutorial to walk you through the process and show you exactly how to automate free trials with Zapier and Mailchimp in Trainerize for your automated lead generation tool.

The video helps you out with these three important steps:

  1. Create a signup form in Mailchimp to collect client information
  2. Create a trial program in Trainerize using our 14-Day Trial program template
  3. Create a “zap” in Zapier to transfer contacts from Mailchimp to Trainerize

We’re here to walk you through every click and tap, including the process of connecting your Mailchimp and Trainerize accounts to Zapier. A bit of setup now will save you lots of time later… and probably earn you some new clients, too!

If time is money, then a slow response could cost you. Watch our video tutorial for a step-by-step setup guide to create your automated free trial process.

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