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Best of 2014 - 10 Amazing Articles for Personal Trainers

2014 has been an amazing year for Trainerize! We’ve been getting great traction from trainers all over the world and we’re proud to say we are contributing to a revolutionary change in the online personal training world! We’re planning for an even bigger 2015 and we hope you are too.

Whether 2014 might have been the year when you just started expanding your business with online personal training, or you have been using it for a while and experiencing its benefits, it will come as no surprise that online personal training is really an amazing add-on that you can offer and market to your customers!

Over the past year we’ve been focusing on getting you access to some of the most insightful ways of growing your business, so below are we’ve compiled some of the most popular articles for personal trainers from the past 12 months. We also suggest checking out the blog’s archive, for even more good reads and ways that you can build I also suggest going through our blog’s archive.

Happy reading!

Attract new clients – Be yourself.  Being an influencer is all about art of practicing what you preach and how putting yourself out there can help expand your online business without even trying.

Stay on your game! Work on yourself first and then grow your business. Continuing to build your brand through educating yourself, networking, and improving your client experience is key to running a successful online personal training business.

A Simple System to Build Better Programs for Any Client. Learn how to apply a concept called daily undulating periodization to build fantastic programs for your clients every time – via thePTDC.

Learn more about your clients with consultation forms! Nurture clients relationships conversation in the initial assessment, many questions about work life, family life, and social life seem to be answered without you even having to ask.

How Much Should You Charge for Personal Training? Great read on how you can monetize online personal training.  Learn about the 3 principles of pricing in this fantastic piece.  – via thePTDC.

Use Challenges to keep clients motivated! Challenges are some of the best ways for your clients to strive for progress and remain motivated. Challenge clients in a way that kind of distracts their focus from their long term weight loss goals.

Who is Your Target Market? Build success through a targeted approach! The clients you attract could be a straight reflection of your training style, your website,  and/or your client referral network. Make sure you have identified your niche market and you have the bread and butter of your business!

Get Clients to do Social Media Marketing for you! It’s a fact: the more people follow your recommendations, share your tips with their friends, and begin to trust you, the more they will eventually head to your website to see what else you have to offer. See how you can leverage the power of social media

 Running a Group Fat Loss Challenge to Attract New Clients. Offering an online fat blast challenge that not only includes a 4-week “fat blasting” meal plan, but also access to your online training app for the month – sounds like a great deal. See how you get apply to your business too.

Influence Expert Reveals the Best Way to Approach Clients on the Floor. Approaching people on the floor is scarier than cold emails or cold calling. It means you’d have to, like, talk to strangers! Here are some ways in which you can just approach people easier!  – via thePTDC.

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