Business growth Best of 2016: 10 Awesome Fitness Business Articles for Personal Trainers

The best fitness business articles of 2016

2016 has just flown by for us here at Trainerize!

It’s been an amazing year, and we’re unbelievably proud of how many personal trainers and fitness professionals around the world we were able to help to grow and maintain their own business. Online training is an exceptional add-on you can provide to your customers to boost your revenue, grow your current client list, and ultimately provide access to fitness to more people.

We are currently gearing up for a very exciting 2017, and we’re sure you are, too!

But we would be remiss if we did not look back on the best of 2016, and so we wanted to share this list with you!

Whether you are just starting out with your personal training business, or are busy expanding your business from in-person training to include online training, or you’re a seasoned online training veteran–we’re sure we have some tips and insights for you here. We’ve compiled some of the most popular articles from our roster of personal trainers that have been published this past year. Make sure to also check out our blog’s archive for plenty more gems like these!

We hope you enjoy reading them!

2016 Round-up: The Best Fitness Business Articles for Personal Trainers

  1. You Purchased Trainerize. Now What? 5 Tips to Get Your Online Training Business Started – Here are some tips from Michelle Roots, based on her personal experience in getting started with Trainerize and running her own online training business.
  2. 3 Ways to Turn Interested People into Paying Clients – Are you getting plenty of leads, but are not able to close any new clients? Here are few ways to help you snag that next client.
  3. Promote and Sell Online Training with Pictures and Videos – Some people are just plain skeptical of anything offered online. The best way to help them understand how it works is to show them! Use some of the suggestions here.
  4. 5 Reasons to Send Weekly Emails to Fitness Clients – Jessica Thiefels discusses the many ways you can use email to provie value, offer discounts, and connect with clients.
  5. How to Market and Sell a Fitness Challenge: All You Need to Know – Fitness challenges are a great way to get new clients, or to keep existing clients engaged. Follow these steps to set up one of your own!
  6. A Beginner’s Guide to Eating for Weight Loss – This one’s from our friends at, and includes a some guidelines and tips to eating your way to healthier weight loss.
  7. Engage With Your Clients on Social Media to Build Your Online Training Business – Amanda Vogel shares some of her best tips on using free social media tools to your advantage to engage clients.
  8. 4 Things You Should Be Doing with Trainerize and Your In-Person Clients – Daniel Jeal explains that Trainerize can be used for more than just online training–it’s an excellent tool to provide value to your clients.
  9. Don’t Let Your Fitness Marketing Efforts Go Unnoticed – You don’t have to be a marketing expert! Michelle Roots shares some basics tips that have helped her grow her social media following over the years.
  10. How to Use Snapchat to Build Your Online Training Business – Michelle Roots discusses how you can promote your online training through Snapchat–while giving people a inside look at what you do on a daily basis, what it’s like to train with you, and provide them with motivation.


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