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Keep clients invested in their fitness journeys while you fine-tune the revenue streams that keep your coaching business booming!

In this blog, we’re going to share some of the ways you can generate and sustain multiple streams of revenue on ABC Trainerize. Let’s dig a little deeper into making the most out of online coaching through impactful programming combinations, consultation fees, delivery of services and more.

Charge a One-Time Fee for Your Initial Consultations

To charge or not to charge” is a debate that has been around as long as fitness professionals have been coaching clients. It’s also a debate that we don’t expect to have a clear answer to any time soon…and that’s okay! Charging a consultation fee is a personal choice for you as a trainer and your business.
Consultation GraphicThough it’s not a one-size-fits-all! We do think that paid consultations are worth exploring when considering ways to boost or diversify your streams of revenue.

Consultations make up those key introductory conversations. They are the first upfront investment of time you make into a potential client.

Many first conversations and consultations are rewarding and meaningful! But it can also be a struggle to balance those great conversations with the no-shows, window-shoppers… and those looking for a free advice session (or two).

Here are a few reasons why you might consider charging an initial consult fee:
  • Increase conversions: Clients who are “priced in” are more likely to continue to invest in your services. You can include the consultation fee in the price of your programming to avoid deterring interested clients! 
  • Reduce the occurrence of no-shows: When clients invest in the consultation not only are they more likely to show up. They are more likely to show up with clear inquiries, questions, and goals! This comes together to form more effective and intentional consultations and fewer no-shows.
  • Time well-spent: Even if a client chooses not to peruse your services after going through a consultation– you receive something for your time on the clock.

Paid consultations can open a new revenue stream and are more likely to offset the no-shows, weed out the window shoppers, and supplement the time spent on those high-quality conversations.

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TZ TIP: Still worried about disincentivizing clients? Discount the cost of your initial consultation from the programming or training sessions a client buys when they sign up! This keeps your time valuable while ensuring clients feel like they are buying into something rather than paying to have a chat.

Warm-Ups, Cool-Downs and Mobility—Yes, Please to Those Universal Routines!

Teaching general mobility and stretching is a common focus among trainers… So, it’s safe to assume you have at least a few warm-ups, cool-downs, and stretching routines in your workout library!

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Creating focused add-on programs is a great way to develop common routines– such as stretching and mobility –to be more impactful! Deliver and sell this type of “universal” content by packaging them as on-demand libraries or phased programs.  

Stack weight training routines with targeted phased mobility programming such as: “Dig Deep: Lower Body Mobility” for those clients looking to dig deep on their extra heavy days!

On-demand mobility graphic
Strategically layer programming and sell bundles such as strength training programs alongside an on-demand series of “full-body warm-ups” an add-on!

Creating bundles can also boost the value of your popular core programs. Take a program such as “Intermediate Running” and create a bundle!

Clients can buy this program on its own or as a bundle that includes:


  • A phased program: “Intermediate Running”
  • An on-demand library:  “Intermediate Runners Stretching”
  • An on-demand video library: “Runner’s Off Day Mobility” to target specific goals.

Most clients opt for the package… and if they don’t right away they usually come back for at least one of the add-ons later!

TZ TIP: This also works for standalone programs! EX: build a recovery program to help clients ease back into training after running a marathon! Programs like this allow you to support your clients and sell programming even during their off-seasons.

Get Peachy with Phased Programs — Explore Different Tiers of Results-Driven Programming 

Tiered or progressive programming is awesome for keeping clients interested, engaged, and progressing toward a specific goal! Create a series of phased programs that progress in difficulty from beginner to advanced.

Keep your client results moving in the right direction and boost retention as clients move onto
the next level in your tiered programs.

Glute Program Graphic

Going from beginner to intermediate, and then onto advanced is a tangible series of wins for you and your clients!

Client fitness levels improve, their aesthetic goals become that much closer, and they continue to engage and buy into your services!

Break a longer glute builder program into a tiered series!
  • As beginners, your clients can build up their foundations, get a good feel for form, and learn all about that mind-muscle connection.    
  • In the intermediate stage, increase the complexity of the movements to grow their glutes and get even stronger!
  • The advanced sessions can be designed to push them even harder for bodacious results and some well-rounded knowledge about building up their lower body!   

With tiered programming, you can turn one product, service, or subscription into three (or more!). Fine-tune your results-driven programming and create a series that is as lucrative for you, as it is high-impact for your clients.

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