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50,000+ trainers and fitness studios powered by Trainerize offer online training services all over the world.

Trainerize Feature Send workouts to clients
Send Workouts To Your Clients

Build online training plans and send homework workouts to your clients. Customize workouts with your own videos, manage clients' calendars, and measure progress over time. Your clients check-in, track their workouts and can message you anytime.

Trainerize Feature Sell online training
Sell Online Training As An Add-on

Boost your personal training revenues and be part of the digital fitness movement by combining in-person and online training. Online training plans, together with a cutting-edge website presence and your own training app, will allow you to sell more services to your clients. This way you can tap into a large range of clients, even outside of your city limits.

Trainerize Feature Deliver meal plans
Deliver Meal Plans and Track Nutrition

Double up on your paid services with online meal planning and nutrition tracking. Offer meal planning as an add-on to your in-person or online personal training services. Set nutrition goals and use MyFitnessPal with your clients to track their macro and calorie stats in Trainerize.

Trainerize Feature Connect with clients
Connect Like Never Before

Improve retention and keep clients engaged with in-app messaging, notifications, and the ability to follow and track their own progress. Get visibility on client wearable data and tap into a new way of tracking client fitness. Go mobile and effectively manage clients on the go, automate tasks, and securely store client waivers in Trainerize.

Features You Won’t Be Able To Live Without

Access Trainerize anywhere on your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Training plan on the go

Clients take their phones everywhere. Now they can take you with them. The Trainerize mobile app allows clients to follow their training plans and log into their workouts. Notifications remind clients of what workouts they need to complete, so they’re always on track and stay committed to their training.

Meal plans at your clients’ fingertips

Impact your clients’ long-term health and fitness goals with customized meal planning. Motivate clients by setting macro and calorie goals for them in Trainerize. By using the MyFitnessPal add-on, you’ll be able to view and better analyze client nutrition stats.

Better communication = Better client relationships

Motivate and follow-up with clients by always keeping an eye on their fitness journey. The in-app chat messaging and the Skype add-on are your one-stop shop for excellent client communication.

Tracking that clients love

Review progress and keep clients accountable by closely following their progress. Clients can track completed workouts, log body stats and add progress photos. Get visibility on client wearable data right in Trainerize. Graph and analyze progress to show clients that your plans are achieving their goals.

Trainerize Software client calendar
Trainerize Software meal plans
Trainerize Software client messaging
Trainerize Software client body measurements

Train In Powerful New Ways

Trainerize Software new revenue stream
Introduce A New Revenue Stream

Add online training and nutrition services to your members’ existing plans. Boost retention by offering affordable and flexible training and meal planning services. Stop losing your clients when their personal training sessions end. With online training and nutrition subscriptions, clients will have a longer, more balanced health journey.

Trainerize Software collaborate easily
Collaborate Easily

Easily access client profiles, consultation forms and notes specific to each client. Share client information between trainers to make sure your clients are taken care of no matter who trains them.

Trainerize Software discover new clients
Discover New Clients

List your profile and certifications on, our online database that matches consumers with the perfect personal trainer–based on location, services, or specialty. Once you’ve made a connection, you can start using the power of Trainerize to deliver online training and meal plans to your new clients. Thousands of trainers worldwide are already listed, so don’t get left behind!


Import your Mindbody clients into Trainerize to start accepting payments, scheduling appointments and managing your fitness business.

Evolution Nutrition

Create and deliver nutritionist-designed meal plans to clients’ web and mobile apps.Clients also get the option to substitute certain foods.

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