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Trainers who train the majority of their clients face to face might find it difficult or odd to switch up their regular assessment protocol to adapt to the online training client.  Although it is a lot more difficult to perform full functional and body composition assessments with online clients who could potentially live on the other side of the world; there is still a way to get this done and I believe having clients perform these type of assessments will set you apart from other cookie cutter online training programs.

Taking clients through their own assessment process and having them know you will be checking in on them regularly will help create a motivation and accountability factor to help them reach their goals.

Here are 2 ways to produce focused and accountable online training clients no matter where they are in the world:

1. Break it down and make it easy to understand over email, pre-recorded video, or over Skype

Have a pre-written initial assessment protocol form that is sent to each new client immediately after they sign up explaining the information you require of them to best create a program individualized to their body.

This could also be a pre-recorded video: explain the process, how to measure their own inches, how to perform certain functional movements for analysis, and how to take specific pictures of themselves that you will need for postural assessment.  Depending on how much time you have or how much the client is paying for your services, you could also get all of this information from a scheduled 1-2 hour Skype assessment.

This is not something you want to do with every client, as it could turn out to be quite time consuming, however, those paying a premium for your services should get that extra attention.  Once clients have been through this process once, they will then be more likely to re-send you their progress information every 6-8 weeks (or whenever you require).  I find performing this type of assessment protocol holds clients more accountable for their own progress and creates more overall focus and excitement towards their program.

2. Do random check-ins with clients – check Trainerize calendars and give them positive reinforcement on their progress

Do random check-ins with clients

If clients know you are going to be randomly checking in on them, it will make them think twice before they skip a workout or refrain from tracking their workouts in their Trainerize accounts.  This should not take up a lot of your time, all you need to do is set reminders for yourself to check-in on clients within your own chosen timeframe.  You can shoot them a quick email requesting a photo of them in the gym flexing, a photo of a healthy meal they cook that week, a full body photo to check how their posture is coming along, or even an “6-pack” check-in.  A quick message like this keeps clients accountable because they know you are stalking them via their Trainerize accounts or social media, which will result in more client satisfaction and more positive results!

Do you have any other ideas for holding client’s more accountable to their workout programs? Comment below to share your ideas!

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