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Build More Brand Awareness with a Custom Branded Fitness App

We all know how great the Trainerize app is for training our online clients, right? It’s easy to customize the app and matching website by adding company logos, as well as personalized welcome and exercise videos. The only thing that has been missing is when your clients search for your app in the App store or click on it from their phone screen, they would see the Trainerize logo.

As a business, the more people see your logo and company name the better! We want clients (and future clients) to see our logo and associate that with training and health. I have a custom branded fitness app for my training studio, and clients have said that even when just scrolling through the apps in their phone, that seeing my logo makes them think of fitness and eating healthy.

What if you could take your brand for online training to the next level?

The Trainerize Custom Branded Fitness App

Thanks to Trainerize, you can now get a custom branded fitness app so that your logo is the one clients see when searching through their phone apps. They can also search for your company name in the App store specifically, instead of searching for Trainerize.

How will a Custom Branded Fitness App help build your online training business?

Well, let’s start with word of mouth. If a client has a really cool app on their phone, they will want to show their friends and family, right? One of the best forms of marketing is word of mouth; you cannot put a price on happy customers talking positively about what you offer.

Clients are now going to be seeing your logo on a daily basis–not only when they open their Trainerize app.

Seeing your logo on a regular basis will make your clients feel more connected to your business and the goal you have both set out for them to reach. As online trainers, the more we can get clients to think about their training program, eating clean, and overall health the better, because this can be the hardest part about online training. We are not able to get them motivated through that face-to-face connection during training sessions, but if having them look at our logo multiple times per day will help, then that’s great!

In the end, the key to building a successful business is not only providing a quality product, but building brand awareness.

Think about some popular logos you see on a regular basis that are highly recognizable or might make you feel a certain way when you see them. Nike, Apple, Mercedes, and Beats By Dre are just a few examples of logos we see all the time and would know immediately when we see them what they are. Why? Well for one, it’s all about building a powerful, yet simple logo that is memorable (this is not an article about logos, so we won’t go into more detail about this). Another reason these logos are powerful is that they are in our faces all the time! The more you see a logo the more you resonate with it and will be drawn to it. This goes for your training business, as well! The more clients or future potential clients see your face and your logo, the more likely they are to pay attention.

I hope this helps you think more about how you can continue to build brand awareness for your company in order to continue to build your online training business.

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