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Many of you already understand how important it is to make a connection with personal training clients in order for them to trust in your program as well as keep them as a long term client.  This connection is much more difficult to make with online training, especially if your client is half way across the world.  There are many ways to interact with your online training clients, but one of the main ways is through your YouTube exercise videos.

Below are 3 reasons why it’s important to custom exercise videos rather than use a generic or pre-developed video:

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1. Develop more of a personal connection

Through your custom videos, clients will get to know you and your personality more.   Feel free to let your personality shine through in your short videos and pretend like you are actually talking face to face with your clients.  Clients watching these videos will feel as though you are speaking directly to them and this will help them “buy in” to your program and you as a trainer.

2. Demonstrate your knowledge and your own fitness level 

It’s ok to use a video of someone else demonstrating an exercise, but many fitness experts will explain exercises differently.

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To have your clients hear specific form points for each exercise and watch you perform it directly will increase their respect for your knowledge. It will allow clients to feel more like they are actually being trained by you while they are at the gym.

3. Appear more professional and build your online presence 

Now that you have probably designed your Trainerize website to look professional, you should have a YouTube channel created also. Having specialized videos will help  build your online reputation as a top trainer and make you  more “searchable” with potential clients. Having a more professional and “put together” complete package including your Trainerize website, training videos, and photos, will help with marketing as well as closing the deal with potential clients. It will also make you stand out when competing against other trainers with equivalent knowledge, programs, and pricing.

Set yourself apart, what is unique about your training or personality? Let that shine through in your videos!  It does not take long to sit down and plan the exercises you need to record in your programs.  Keep them short and to the point, upload them to YouTube with an appropriate title (your name/business name – exercise name), and then import them to your Trainerize site and you are good to go!

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