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How to Create TRX, HIIT, and Tabata Interval Workouts in Trainerize

It’s old news to anyone in the fitness industry. In fact, it’s probably old news to anyone who turns on their television or ventures outside of their house once in a while. If you are looking for a great, all-around approach to fitness, interval training is definitely going to be a part of your workout program. And the new Interval workout training feature that Trainerize added not too long ago makes providing your clients a great interval workout easier than ever.

Whether you are building traditional Interval workouts or getting complex and creative, you can most likely make it happen with the Trainerize Interval training feature.

I was stoked when the Interval training feature was released, and I have created several very different types of interval training workouts with it.

TRX Workouts

A simple TRX workout that is based on time–let’s say one-minute intervals–can’t get any easier.

Simply select your exercises and set each one for one minute. Need to transition from one exercise to the next? Great. Just build in a 10 second “rest” between exercises. Your client will have time to take a couple deep breaths and set up for the next exercise before their “rest” is over. Be sure to select all exercises and “rest” periods, make it a circuit, and you’re ready to roll.

HIIT Workouts

Maybe you want a more traditional HIIT routine, with a 1:2 work to rest ratio.

Select your exercises, let’s say four different ones. Set the time on each for 30 seconds. Now load in a one minute rest after each exercise. Select all exercises and rests, make it a circuit. Boom! Done. Oh, wait a minute, that’s only a total of six minutes. Two minutes total of work and four minutes of rest. Just change the number of rounds for the HIIT circuit to reflect how many you want your client to perform. Let’s do three rounds. Boom, boom! Now you have an 18 minute HIIT circuit.

Tabata Workouts

What about Tabata, you say? Easy, peasy. Select an exercise. Set the time for 20 seconds. Add in a rest period of 10 seconds. Now select the exercise and the rest, make it a circuit and assign 8 rounds. That’s all there is to it. Select as many exercises as you want and create another eight-round circuit for each one. Separate each circuit with a stand-alone one minute rest and voila, you have a Tabata workout that will reduce even your most hard-core client to a lump of sweaty flesh. When the “start” button is activated, the app will begin with the first Tabata protocol, complete it, give a one minute rest, and roll right into the next Tabata protocol. It will continue through to the end of the workout without the client having to touch their device.

BONUS: Warm-up and Cool-down Circuits

This method of breaking your circuits up also works if you want to create a “warm-up” circuit for your client and a “working” circuit. Simply select your warm-up exercises and make them a circuit. Then build your workout exercises and make that a separate circuit. Put a rest period in between the two so your client has a moment to transition from the warm-up to the workout and you’re done. You can also build a “cool down” circuit and guide your client through that, too.

“I have yet to come up with a time-based Interval workout that I was not able to build using this Trainerize feature.”

Whether you are building workouts using, weights, treadmill, TRX, RIP Trainer, BOSU, Water rower, a heavy bag, power bands, a combination of equipment, or no equipment at all, you can now build an Interval training workout with Trainerize. I have yet to come up with a time-based Interval workout that I was not able to build using this Trainerize feature. And the voice from the app guiding your clients through their entire workout will bring a sigh of relief from them because they can simply “set it and forget it”, meaning once they hit the “start” button, the app is on autopilot. The only caveat is that it is on your client to be sure they have reviewed the exercises in the workout and have assembled all necessary equipment prior to hitting the “start” button.

Once again, Trainerize has given us the ability to create unique and challenging training programs with the versatility to make workouts that are appropriate for our newbies and our long-term dedicated members with just a few clicks of the mouse.

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