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Real talk: You became a personal trainer to empower and inspire others, not drown in time-consuming admin (#deathbyexcel). You also probably didn’t set out to become an expert in gym management software…Yet here you are, reading this blog. 😉

We get it, so we’re going to do our best to make it worth your while. Mainly, our goal is to make it easy peasy to find the best gym management software for your needs. 

And although we’re pretty confident you’re gonna love what we have to offer, we want to give you all the information to make an informed decision. Because we have the same goal as you: making the world a better place through health and fitness. And having a dang good time while doing it! 

So, let’s dive in to see how ABC Trainerize stacks up against the competition. 

Why Should I Compare Gym Management Software?

If you’re new around here, there are a few good reasons to fuel your personal training biz with gym management software. 

Most platforms deliver on similar claims: saving you time on mind-numbing administrative tasks while elevating the training experience for your clients. 

In other words, no more switching between 100 different tabs and 25 different devices or apps to run your business. Hallelujah! 

But, depending on the unique flavor *you* bring to personal training, each platform has different strengths and weaknesses. That’s why you need to do some homework to find the best gym management software for your biz. 

In the interest of saving you time and hair-pulling, we’ve brought together key info from our main competitors so you don’t have to dig for it yourself. Because ain’t nobody got time for that. 

Let’s get into it. 

How Does ABC Trainerize Stack Up Against Competitors?

Each fitness management system has something to offer—just like every personal trainer is going to bring something a lil’ different to the table. We just happen to think we’re the full package…But we’ll let you decide. First, let’s take a look at the other players. 


Everfit is a professional-looking app that centralizes client communications, onboarding, and programming. As a result, you can expect your credibility to increase, leading to greater retention—AKA more of your clients stickin’ around over time!

Just like ABC Trainerize, Everfit has the following powerful features to elevate the personal training experience: 

  • Custom fitness programming
  • Habit coaching to keep clients engaged and accountable
  • Nutrition support via meal plans, macro tracking, and a food journal
  • Real-time messaging with photos and videos

The app’s unique features include the ability to create your own on-demand content portal; to motivate clients through community forums and leaderboards; and to create new forms and questionnaires in a jiff.

Their pricing is straightforward: Everfit has a forever free plan with basic features to train up to 5 clients. If you’re looking to offer a more high-touch training experience, their Pro plan (starting at $19 USD per month) is where it’s at. 


TrueCoach shaves hours off admin time and upgrades the coaching experience—all so you can better serve your clients and grow your biz. What’s not to like?

You get access to a workout builder that gives you a big-picture view of the month ahead or behind. This lets you stay on top of what your clients did or need while building their fitness program, making it possible to fast-track design, creation, and delivery.

Plus, clients can quickly log workouts and ask questions with real-time messaging, just like ABC Trainerize. No more losing track of a message or missing an important client conversation! 

TrueCoach also has nutrition coaching features like meal planning and macro tracking (via MyFitnessPal) as well as basic habit coaching features—all of which contribute to a truly great training experience.

As for pricing, plans start at $19.99 USD per month with a free 14-day trial, which is shorter than the industry average of 30 days. (Their Standard Plan is the most popular, starting at $52.99 USD per month). All plans include core features and max out at 250 clients before you need a custom solution.


Next up is MyPTHub: an online web and mobile app that lets you manage your clients with ease. Just like ABC Trainerize, you can create workout and nutrition plans tailored to each individual client, all while tracking their progress and achievements along the way. 🏆

Plus, the app makes running your business easier through scheduling, payments, and your own custom branded app. Pretty cool, right? 

With MyPTHub, you’ll be able to: 

  • Offer in-person and online coaching, including boot camps and classes
  • Easily create workouts using their library of 7,500+ HD exercise videos 
  • Provide well-rounded coaching through integrations with Apple Health, Fitbit, and Google Fit

The app also claims to have the world’s largest verified nutrition database of over 650,000 food items, making it an asset for nutrition coaches. 

MyPTHub has a simple pricing model to boot. For $89 USD per month, you get unlimited everything—clients, workouts, nutrition plans, etc. That means no hidden fees, no matter how big your business gets. 

PT Distinction

PT Distinction is a personal trainer’s Swiss army knife. Like ABC Trainerize, it has features to streamline and automate communication with your clients, not to mention nutrition coaching, habit coaching, and more. 

The app really shines when it comes to programming. Pre-made program templates and exercise videos make it easy to get started without reinventing the wheel. Plus it’s easy to add your own exercises directly to the app or through direct integrations with YouTube and Vimeo. 

Its AI Assistant is a unique feature among competitors. Training and Nutrition AI complement your expertise by helping with brainstorming and planning—all to increase your clients’ satisfaction and chances of success! It also has Marketing AI built-in to help with promoting your biz on social media and on your website. 

Pricing-wise, PT Distinction has a basic plan that starts at $19.90 USD per month for up to 3 clients, making it more limited than some of the other options we’ve covered. The number of clients you can serve doesn’t max out, though be sure to plan for the extra fees.

What Makes ABC Trainerize the Best Gym Management Software on the Market? 🤔

We’re a bit biased, but when it comes to the best gym management software for personal trainers, ABC Trainerize has got the goods and then some. Let’s review our main features so you can visualize what our platform is all about. 


Our platform helps you sell more coaching and boost your PT profits, period. It’s never been easier to digitize and centralize your services, not to mention introduce a new revenue stream by selling online, in-person or hybrid memberships.

We also make it super simple to build bespoke training plans for your clients. Here’s how: 

  • Training Plan templates that you can copy from client to client
  • Create workouts from your templates in the workout builder to deliver custom workouts to your clients
  • Extensive libraries of professionally created pre-built exercises, workouts, and programs that are ready for you to use

Plus you can build in any type of workout—whether strength and conditioning, cardio, interval training, and more—to truly customize each client’s experience. 

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We’ve cracked the code on nutrition coaching

For your clients, this means no more switching between a gazillion apps like MyFitnessPal, their wearable device, and their training portal with you. 

For you, this means saving time and offering a better client experience. It also means introducing new services and even more flexible coaching packages to increase your revenue!

Here’s how ABC Trainerize helps you stand out from the pack: 

So whether you’ve already dipped your toe into nutrition coaching or you’ve been sitting on the fence, we make this offering a no-brainer. 

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Did you know that it takes an average of 66 days for a habit to stick? 

We’ve got you covered with amaze-balls habit coaching features to help your clients stay with it for the long haul. Tangible tools help your clients to be 1% better every day—whether with physical activity, sleep, mindfulness, or nutrition.

To make it easy to get started with habit coaching, we’ve put together a collection of small but important habits you can encourage your clients to practice, including: 

  • Following portion guides
  • Eating good fats in each meal
  • Practicing a pre-sleep ritual
  • Abstaining from alcohol

It’s never been easier to make habit coaching part of your services. Your clients will thank you!

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ABC Trainerize: client & community engagement 

We’ve got your client relationships on lock. 

You can send text or voice messages to clients directly through the app. Or, to save yourself time, consider setting up automated in-app messages when your clients first log in, track their first workout, and more.

We’ll also notify you as soon as your client completes events in their training plan, meaning you’ll never miss a chance to give a virtual high-five!

Challenges are another great way to build community and keep your clients hyper-engaged. Plus, who doesn’t like a little healthy competition? 

Choose a challenge type, set the rules for how it works, then enroll your clients to kick off the festivities! Plus, you can even pair challenges with rewards to incentivize your clients to reach for the top. 

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Ever wished you could wave a magic wand to make the time-consuming admin stop?

Hi, we’re ABC Trainerize. 👋

Alongside our other winning features, we also make running your PT business a breeze! 

No more chasing clients for overdue payments, or creating a new invoice every month for your coaching packages. Instead, in-app payments and easy integrations with popular payment solutions make getting paid a walk in the park. 

Client paperwork getting you down? Stay cool, calm, and collected with client profiles that securely store all their necessary documents (contracts, waivers, PAR-Q forms, etc.) in one place. 

Better manage your time with our appointment scheduling features. Clients can book the slot that works best for them and even set it to recur each week or month—all without you ever lifting a finger. 

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Engage Your Clients and Grow Your Business With ABC Trainerize

Gym management software can shave off hours of admin time and ultimately make your PT business a more efficient, money-making machine. 

We’re trusted by 400K+ personal trainers and coaches for a reason. If you’re ready to take your fitness business to the next level, sign up for your free 30-day trial today!

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