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Do you own a personal training studio or larger gym with multiple trainers working for you? Are you a small personal training/group fitness studio with only a few trainers or sub contractors helping you train clients? Are you just simply looking to grow your online training business? Why can’t you apply the same principles that you would when looking to expand an “in-person” personal training or group fitness business? There is only so much one trainer can do and only so many “working” hours in a day!

Team Trainerize

Something you might not have thought about is adding a second or third trainer to your Trainerize online training website. If you already have these trainers working under you it’s easy to do, but if not, why not spread word via social media, email, word of mouth, and maybe even a craigslist ad that your company is seeking an experience personal trainer interested in supplementing their income by getting into the “new world of online personal training”.

Once you have a trainer (or a few) create a payment structure for them that is financially beneficial to you both, train them on how you would like them to conduct business, and start assigning them new clients. Easy as that! The best way to prepare for this is to create your own systems (if you don’t have them already) on how you run your business. For example, anytime you get an email from a prospective client, what email response do you send? What are the next steps after that? Keeping things systematic makes it easy to train new trainers and continue to grow your business with it being run just the way you want it to.

Add these trainers to your website with a picture and bio on each of them, including their training specialities and experience etc. You can give prospective or current clients the option to pick a trainer or have them assigned by yourself. Trainerize makes it very easy to add new trainers to your online training site and also very easy to assign clients to different trainers.

Add these trainers to your website

Just think even just adding one more trainer to your online training business results in access to whole other branch of social media and email contacts to market your services to. Perhaps setting up commission structure would also work well for new client’s your trainers turn into paying customers.

I could go on and on about this because it is such a great way to grow your business!

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Michelle Roots

Michelle is the resident fitness expert for Trainerize. She has 8 years’ experience in the fitness industry training clients through her own business including: professional and elite level athletes, celebrities, online clients, and average people with fitness and fat loss goals, to name a few. She holds a bachelor's degree in Kinesiology, is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA) and a certified level 1 Nutrition Coach. Michelle wakes up happy every day because she is able to do what she loves for a living.

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