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Gift Certificates Make Great Christmas Presents – Are You Going to Offer Them?
With the holiday season upon us (I can’t believe it’s that time of year already either!), it’s a great time to promote your online training business to everyone near and far. January is probably the most popular time that people decide they want to lose weight, start a healthier lifestyle, get ripped, or really focus on themselves right? Why not be in their face with all of your special promotions to begin next year on the right track!!

There are many ways you can try to convert many new online personal training clients with a new year coming up, but here are 3 ways you can make more money over the next few months.

1. Create your own “January Detox” program (or something like that, I just made that name up):

Take some time out to sit down and create a full package that is 4 to 6 weeks long and includes a number of workouts, nutrition plan, regular support emails etc. You can sell this as a package for one set price and run the workouts through you Trainerize website. This will get new customers used to using your online training app and then once they are almost done the program you can then try and sell them on continuing online training with you.

2. Gift Certificate Sales:

Not only do you have Christmas coming up, but also Black Friday and Boxing Day! Take full advantage of people in the “spending money” kind of mood and offer some special Christmas deals on some of your online training programs.

3. Offer People 1 month of free training if they sign up in December:

Let’s be honest as trainers, January is a very busy time of year for us so why not try and convince people to sign up before them so you can not be so bombarded with new client assessments and programming in January. During their December free trial (before Christmas) send them an email with a special “One Time Deal” to sign-up for six months of training. The kicker here is making it an email that they can forward directly to their loved ones (husband, wife, kids, parents…etc) that might be looking for gift ideas for them. At the top of the email tell them about the deal and then straight up tell them in the email to forward it to a loved one to add online training in the New Year to their Christmas list!

I hope these tips will help you all make a little more money over the holiday season and begin next year with a great start!

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