How to Set up and Grow Your Online Personal Training Business 1. Tips to Get Your Online Fitness Business Started

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If you’re a personal trainer with an entrepreneurial mindset, you probably have a million ideas in your head to make more money or to help more people. The problem is not only finding time to implement all of these ideas, but to also make these ideas profitable for you and your business. Right?

Sometimes with all of those amazing ideas running around in our heads, we get excited and sign up for different systems to help our business, and then have no idea how to get started. Have no fear! We’re here to help as much as we can.

Here are some tips on getting started with ABC Trainerize and running your online fitness business.

Start Slow — Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day!

It’s important to remember to start slow, and to gradually start building your online training website (you can use the ABC Trainerize customizable website and add a link to it from your current company website).

It’s easy to use and you simply need to fill in the blanks with the information you want to provide your prospective clients with. For example, your bio, testimonials (if you have them), pricing, information about online training, and FAQ, etc.

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Don’t Worry About Filming Lots of Videos

Filming is something that can take a lot of time, so if you want to film all of your own videos before you start selling your services, that’s cool! However, you don’t need to.

ABC Trainerize has a whole library of videos already pre-loaded into the app that you can use to start out, and then work on adding a few of your own videos at a time.

When you do come around to filming your own videos, remember that you don’t need a professional camera and studio to film; all you need is an iPhone, yourself, and any equipment you might be using to demonstrate the exercise. Many trainers just use the iMovie app on their phones to edit videos quickly, upload them to YouTube, and then copy them into ABC Trainerize.

Always Keep Your Target Demographic in Mind

It’s vital to take time to think about your target audience before you go all out with your marketing efforts, or even deciding what information you will provide on your website.

Do you specialize in a certain type of client or training type? Do you enjoy working with a certain demographic? For example, if you are targeting stay-at-home moms who want workouts they can do with minimal equipment in their living rooms, you would not want to post pictures of large muscular men lifting heavy weights on your website and have #BEASTMODE as your tag line, right?

This doesn’t mean you can’t also train #BEASTMODE clients, you can target these clients in a separate ad set.

Strategically Price Your Services

This is where running an online fitness business can get tricky. But, as long as you set your pricing based on your quality of training, results, and the amount of time each client will take out of your week, you’ll be fine!

Before you set your pricing, remember that it is much harder to increase your pricing than it is to decrease your pricing; therefore, start higher to test out the market and then you can alway offer discounts or specials as you need to bring in clients.

We know how tricky this element of running a fitness business can be. So, we’ve put together the ultimate pricing guide for personal trainers. Whether you train clients in-person, online, or do both, we’ll help you figure your pricing out!

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